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Quick Tips: Send Review Copies to Bloggers

Quick Tips: Send Review Copies to Bloggers #QuickTips #BookMarketing via @JoLinsdell

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This weeks "Quick Tip" is to send review copies to Bloggers. Bloggers work on building communities and s such tend to have a good reach. This makes them the perfect people to help spread the word about your book(s). Find Bloggers that fit the right niche for your book and ask them if they would be interested in/ send them a free review copy.

Bloggers that then post a good review to their blog are also likely to post the review to other sites too e.g. Amazon, Goodreads, etc... 

Are you a blogger? Want to feature one of my books on your blog? Drop me an email and I'll be happy to organise an e-copy for review. I also have media kits for all of my books that can be used for book spotlights and features should you not have time for a review.

You can find a full list of all my published titles on the My Books page.