Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My TBR List

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

I love reading! I've always had quite varied taste in books too, and that has increased since I started doing professional book reviews. I've read lots of books that I would never have thought of reading, but decided to give a go because they sent me a copy in exchange for my honest review. I put the word honest in bold because it's very important. I won't ever give a good review just because I got sent a free copy of the book. If the book is terrible I just won't review it. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" is my review policy ;)

Those of you that follow me over on Instagram will already know that I like to share my to be read list (A.K.A. TBR list). 

I often get asked what I'm reading. I also get a lot of requests to review more books, and so I thought I'd share my TBR list (for reviews) with you today. 

The Tao of Book Publicity

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

The CleanSweep Conspiracy

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

Cabin FURvor

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

Laundry in Like

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

Book Descriptions that Sell

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

Competing with a Star

My #TBR List for June-July 2016 #AmReading #books

As you can see, I'll be reading a variety of genres over the coming month. I also have many more titles on my TBR list that were not sent in exchange for reviews but I'll be reviewing those too anyway because I like to share with the reading community, and support other authors. I'll share those in another post though.

What are you reading this month? Have you read any of the books I listed here?

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