Library Reads: 30th May-4th June 2016

Library Reads: 30th May-4th June 2016

Welcome back to another Library Reads! 

My posting schedule for our library updates has been a bit off recently with all the end of term activities going on (sorry about that), but also because the library is now no longer open every Saturday and so we had to change the day of the week we visit. This means I've had to rework our reading schedule, but also my schedule for filming and posting. With the summer months upon us finding our routine won't be easy either, but we will continue to go to the library every week and so Library Reads will continue for June and July. 

This is what the kids picked:

- Say Hello to the Animals
- Harry the Wolf

Library Reads: 30th May-4th June 2016

Watch the video to see what we thought of them:

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