Library Reads: 12th-18th June 2016 | Jo Linsdell

Library Reads: 12th-18th June 2016

Library Reads: 12th-18th June 2016

Welcome back to another Library Reads!

Our last trip to the library was a special one, because it was the end of term party, and the kids got awarded certificates for being active library members. My youngest got his for taking part in the group activities and listening to the stories, and my eldest got his for reading aloud to groups of other children.

The library staff put on a fab party for us all with face painting, dancing, and lots of fun and games. Just another reason why we love our library so much :)

Library Reads: 12th-18th June 2016

And now to talk about this week's Library Reads...

We decided to check out another book in the It's a Wild Life, Buddy! series. We LOVE this series. 

This week the kids picked:

- Lizzie the Elephant
- The Pigeon Has Feelings Too!

Library Reads: 12th-18th June 2016

Watch the video to find out what we thought of them:

Have you read these books? What did you think of them? Got a suggestion for a book we should check out in the future? 

Does your library have an end of term party? What kind of activities does your library offer for kids? Leave a comment below ;)

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