BookTubeAThon 2016 Day 6: Literary Road Trip Challenge & Reading Progress | Jo Linsdell

BookTubeAThon 2016 Day 6: Literary Road Trip Challenge & Reading Progress

#BookTubeAThon2016 Day 6: Literary Road Trip Challenge & Reading Progress

I can't believe this week is nearly over. Absolutely loving my first BookTubeAThon experience.

Here's a summary of my progress so far:

The Challenges:

1) A book with yellow on the cover - Imperfect Chemistry - Finished
2) Read only after sunset - Love at First Date by Susan Hatler - Finished
3) A book discovered through BookTube - Still not decided on this one :/
4) A book by a favourite author - Emma by Jane Austen - Currently reading
5) A book that is older than you - Emma - Currently reading
6) Read a book and watch it's movie adaption - Emma - Currently reading (and will be watching the film tonight)
7) Read 7 books - Current total 3 finished (Royal Games, Imperfect Chemistry, and Love at First Date)

Other books from my TBR list:

The Domino Game - Currently reading

As tomorrow is the last day it's not looking likely that I'll meet all the challenges. Jane Austen has slowed me down considerably... but is totally worth it. 

I have also been reading, and reviewing, some ARCs of children's books I was sent by publishers via Net Galley this week and so technically have gone way over 7 books read... although most of those had an average of 36 pages and so can hardly be counted towards my total ;)

The Literary Road Trip Challenge

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