BookTubeAThon2016 Day 5: Book Rainbows and Reading Progress

#BookTubeAThon2016 Day 5: Book Rainbows and Reading Progress

Day 5 of BookTubeAThon is the hardest yet. It's super hot here in Rome which isn't helping either. I'm also tired from missing out on a lot of sleep over the past two weeks. I'm not giving up though. 

Here's a summary of my progress so far:

Books read: 2
Currently reading: Emma by Jane Austen (day time reading), and Love at First Date by Susan Hatler (after sunset reading).

Watch the video for my full update:

The Book Rainbow Challenge

Ok so this isn't actually what today's challenge was, as I don't have enough colourful books, but we decided to put our own twist on it and join in the fun anyway with our own alternative version.

Obviously I won't be entering it into the contest, but it was fun to do anyway :)

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