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A Very Late Library Reads

Library Reads: What the kids picked

I know, I'm super late sharing this Library Reads update. I completely forgot [slaps wrists]. Worst still is the fact that this may be the last Library Reads update for a while as the library will be closing for part of the summer. We will resume our updates in September though so you won't have to wait too long ;)

In the meantime we will still be reading and reporting back. I have loads of books on my ipad kindle app for the kids, and so we'll be working through those for a new video series called the Kids Summer Reading series. It will be a chance to get them experimenting with ebooks. I'm really interested to see what they think about reading in e-format as opposed to print. Should be fun.

Anyway, back to Library Reads....

This is what we picked:

- My Big Brother
- A Single Pearl

Watch the video to find out what we thought of them:

Have you read these books? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.