The Days of the Week Book Tag

The Days of the Week Book Tag

I actually did this video back on 30th September but just realised I never got round to sharing with you here on the blog so....

The Days of the Week Book Tag

I was tagged by the Bald Book Geek ( to do the Days of the Week Book Tag (original tag created by Jay Dee Archer at

This is actually the first time I've been tagged in a book tag and so was really excited about this! It was such a fun tag to do too! BTW if you want to tag me to do a book tag, please do. You can find my channel at

I tagged:

If anyone else fancies doing the tag you can consider yourselves tagged too though ;)

The books I mentioned:

Tuscany for Beginners:

Extra Confessions of a Working Girl:

The Kite Runner:

Adrian Mole the Cappuccino Years:

The Final Summit:

Shopaholic and Baby:

More to Life Than This: