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10 Facts about the KOSMOS series

10 Facts about the KOSMOS series

Today I thought it would be fun to share 10 random facts about the KOSMOS series with you. A bit of 'behind the scenes' fun ;)

So here we go...

1) I'm writing the KOSMOS series for my 9 year old son, who wanted "something with time travel, but not too long". He gets put off by big books, but loved the idea of a serial fiction with new episodes each month.

2) I'm meant to have finished writing the whole series by now but I'm way behind schedule (I will finish it soon though promise ;)).

3) One of my favourite characters from the series is Alexia from Gladiator (Episode 3). She's girl power in person. 

4) I loved writing Gunpower (Episode 2) as Bonfire Night is one of my favourite festivities from the when I was in the UK.

5) In The Soldier (Episode 5) the shadow (Atom) makes his first appearance, even if Matt doesn't realise the danger until All That Jazz (Episode 6).

6) Matt ended up in Egypt in Pyramids (Episode 4) because my son was studying it in history at school.

7) I'm building a board on Pinterest with pics of what I see the characters looking like: https://it.pinterest.com/jolinsdell/dream-cast-for-kosmos/

8) I started writing the series as part of this years A Story A Week challenge.

9) I designed and made all the book covers myself :)

10) When I was trying to work out how Matt would travel through time I did some research into the possible means of time traveling via theoretic cosmic phenomena. Specifically the idea of cosmic string introduced by physicist J. Richard Gott, back in 1991.
These are string like objects that some scientists believe were formed in the early universe. These strings may weave throughout the entire universe, thinner than an atom and under immense pressure. Naturally, this means they'd pack quite a gravitational pull on anything that passes near them, enabling objects attached to a cosmic string to travel at incredible speeds and benefit from time dilation. By pulling two cosmic strings close together or stretching one string close to a black hole, it might be possible to warp space-time enough to create what's called a closed timelike curve.
So.... in theory, it became possible for an object e.g. a special necklace type object with advanced technology allowing it to contain somehow a cosmic string, to be a time machine. e.g. a person wearing the necklace could travel through time ;)

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