Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Excerpt: Gladiator (KOSMOS Episode 3)

Excerpt: Gladiator (KOSMOS Episode 3)

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Gladiator (KOSMOS Episode 3). I hope you like it :)

Matt gulped. She looked so much like Samantha that they could have been twins. The same long dark hair. The same intense blue stare. "So are you going to say anything or are you just going to stare at me?" asked Alexia, her hand still on her dagger. "I don't like guys that stare".
Matt looked away. "Sorry you remind me of someone I know." Knew, he corrected himself. What if he never got back home? Would he ever see Samantha again? He let out a sigh.
"So where did they bring you in from?" asked Alexia still sizing him up.
He looked at her beige coloured tunic, and then down at his own clothes. I must look pretty strange he thought. "I need to change clothes," he said. He lifted his chin in an attempt to look more in control. Who am I kidding, he thought. She's the one dominating this room.
Alexia titled her head and looked him over from head to toe. "You sure do" she said. "Put those on" she added pointing to the pile in the corner. Matt stepped forward and went to pick up the clothes from the floor. He had expected her to leave but she stood there watching him. A tide of crimson red swept over his skin.
"You can wait outside" he said, almost choking on the words.
"Nah, you go ahead. I've got eight brothers. Haven't got anything I've not seen before. Besides, I can't leave."
"What do you mean you can't leave?"
"What I said. I can't. If anything you should. I was here first. How did you get in here anyways?"
Matt felt for the pendant at his neck. It was cold. "You'd never believe me even if I told you."

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Excerpt: Gladiator (KOSMOS Episode 3)

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