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Excerpt: The Soldier (KOSMOS Episode 5)

#Excerpt: The Soldier (KOSMOS Episode 5)

Today I'm sharing with you an excerpt from The Soldier (KOSMOS Episode 5). I hope you like it :)


Before long the soldier had packed up the tent and his other belongings. It was time to leave. Matt sat huddled by the fire trying to come up with an excuse to stay. So far he had nothing.
"Time to move" said the man pulling the heavy rucksack onto his back.
"Can't we stay here just a little while longer?" asked Matt. "It's pretty cold. We should warm up some more first."
"It'll be cold later too" said the man. "No time to waste sitting around. Those people need supplies. They're starving to death in there."
"But how do you plan to get the supplies to them? I mean if the Germans are still surrounding the city, how do you plan to get the supplies into the city?"
"That's on a need to know basis boy" said the man giving him a stare so sharp it cut him in two.
"Sorry. I didn't mean to over step the mark. I just don't see how we can get passed the Nazi's," said Matt.
"Let's get something straight right now," said the man. "We are not a we. You are in custody."
"A prisoner?" said Matt.
"Well, until I know I can trust you, yes. This is war boy. Would you trust some boy you found half naked in the forest?" Matt shook his head. "Didn't think so" said the man.
Matt sighed. It was looking like he was going to Leningrad whether he liked it or not. Worst still, he would be going as a prisoner of war.

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Excerpt: The Soldier (KOSMOS Episode 5)