Excerpt: Pyramids (KOSMOS Episode 4) | Jo Linsdell

Excerpt: Pyramids (KOSMOS Episode 4)

Excerpt: Pyramids (KOSMOS Episode 4)

Today I'm sharing with you an excerpt from Pyramids (KOSMOS Episode 4). Enjoy :)


The group made it's way down a dark tunnel. Bek was leading the way, and making sure they kept up a quick pace.
"Listen, Ani" said Matt touching his arm to slow him down. "I need to go back. I can't come with you."
"It's not safe to go back" said Ani. "We need to get to the East bank."
"I need to go back" said Matt and they both stopped walking. "I appreciate you looking out for me but I need to get back to my home. The only way for me to get there is to go back to where you found me."
"This tunnel takes us out into the gardens. From there you will be able to leave the West bank and make it to the city on the East bank."
"But I don't need to get to the city. I need to get back to where those... what did you call them... Colossi were. By the Nile."
Ani didn't look convinced. He averted his eyes and looked down. "The star" he said, and bowed before Matt.
"What are you doing?" asked matt confused by this sudden change in character.
"I didn't know... I would have... sorry my God" stammered Ani without raising his head.
"Didn't know what?" asked Matt. "And get up. You're making me feel nervous bowed over like that."
Ani shot up. "As you wish my God. I am here to serve you."
"Stop it," said Matt. "Why do you think I'm a God all of a sudden?"
"The necklace" said Ani. "You wear to star of the time God."
Matt put his hand to the pendant. "You know this pendant?" He didn't know whether to scream with joy or cry. Finally someone who knew about the pendant. "Tell me everything you know. How does it work? How can I make it take me home?" The questions poured out of his mouth.
"It is not for a poor boy like me to know the secrets of the Gods" said Ani looking at Matt wide eyed.
"But you've seen this pendant before? You call me a time God. You must know something about it and how it works?" Desperation rose in his voice and it took all his willpower to not grab Ani and shake him.
"The hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramid. They show the time God with the pendant. Legend has it that the time God was a close friend of the Heh."
"The Heh?"
"The eternal God, Heh. He who holds a notched palm branch in each hand. They are used for ceremonial time-keeping," explained Ani.
"So this Heh, he knows about the pendant?" asked Matt trying to clear his thoughts.
"The Heh knows everything" said Ani.

"Where can I find the Heh?" said Matt shaking.

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Excerpt: Pyramids (KOSMOS Episode 4)