Thursday, 2 November 2017

Premade Creation: Before and After

Premade Creation: Before and After

Welcome behind the scenes

I've been asked by a few people about how I create my premade book cover designs, and so thought I'd do a series of posts to show you some of the before and after.

Today I'm going to show you PMBC73. This is a steampunk theme. The images used all came from This is one of my favourite sites for getting images as they have such a wide variety of great images available for free commercial use. 

I liked the image of the chimney sweep, but decided to edit out the brush. The gears were layered on to make up the background, and the clock element became a nice point of interest. I also added in a few special effects to complete the look.

Premade Creation: Before and After PMBC73

As you probably realise from this post, when you buy a professional premade cover design you are paying for more than just the end result. A cover designer spends a large amount of time searching for images to use, and editing them to give you a unique design. You pay for their time, experience and skills. 

PMBC73 is available now for €50 (ebook cover), €100 (ebook and print wrap package). Email now to order. Once a cover is sold it is never sold again.

Premade Creation: Before and After PMBC73

Find more premade book cover designs at

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