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Ready for the Mega Tour?

Ready for the Mega Tour? Promotional VBT coming soon, want to be a host?

I'm planning a virtual book tour for the month of December (and maybe January too of I can find enough hosts). This one will be a bit different from past VBTs though. I'm touring all my books. Yep, all of them at the same time. I'll be promoting my premade book covers, Promo Day event, and my Writers and Authors blog too.

I'm in the process of putting together the biggest, most complete media kit I've ever created. This mega media kit will then be uploaded to Google drive so that hosts can easily pull the info they want to use in posts.

This tour is not just for blogs. There's a load of pre-written social media posts and click to tweets to use on social media too. Newsletters are also welcome. Of course, there will also be a huge amount of graphics to use with posts too.

Hosts can choose to feature just one book, or a selection of books. Or they can do an author feature instead. I'll be putting in lots of general author info and a Q&A sheet to pick and choose from for interviews too.

There will be some video content as well that can be embedded into posts if you fancy going multimedia ;) I may even throw in some infographics and guest posts if I have time.

E-copies of all books are available for reviewing too. Just drop me an email if you'd like to review.

A linky will be up on my website where hosts can submit the links to their posts during the tour. I will of course, be promoting all of them during, and after the tour.

Obviously I'd like to have as many hosts as possible, so if you can squeeze me in somewhere I'd really appreciate it.

I'll be doing another blog post once everything is ready to share the link to the mega media kit. Today's post is just a heads up ;)

Next step, World domination!

Ready for the Mega Tour? Promotional VBT coming soon, want to be a host?