Thursday, 9 November 2017

Premade Creation: Before and After

Premade Creation: Before and After

Welcome behind the scenes

I recently decided to post about how I create my premade book cover designs in a series of posts showing you some of the before and after.

Today I'm going to show you PMBC75. This is a spy theme. The awesome image of the woman came from Neo Stock Photography. They have some fantastic images in their collection. 

Some additional illustration and special effects completed the design.

Premade Creation: Before and After PMBC75

When you buy a professional premade cover design you are paying for more than just the end result. A cover designer spends a large amount of time searching for images to use, and editing them to give you a unique design. You pay for their time, experience and skills. 

PMBC75 is available now for €50 (ebook cover), €100 (ebook and print wrap package). Email now to order. Once a cover is sold it is never sold again.

Premade Creation: Before and After PMBC75

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