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Reasons To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Reasons To Collaborate With Other Bloggers:  Benefits of Blog Collaborations

Reasons To Collaborate With Other Bloggers 

Benefits of Blog Collaborations

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have for your blog is collaborating with other bloggers. I personally love working with other bloggers and highly recommend you give it a try if you haven't done so already. 

I often do blog posts where I collaborate with other book bloggers. A couple of recent collaboration posts I've done include Book Blogging Programs: Platforms Recommended by Book Bloggers and Reading During Lockdown. Both very different in the topic discussed and the way the collaborations were done. 

Collaborating with other bloggers offers numerous benefits for your brand and your blog. 

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Benefits of collaborating with other bloggers:

Increased Audience Size

When you collaborate on a blog post with other bloggers you all gain exposure.

The person hosting the blog post will get new traffic to their site thanks to the bloggers featured in the post promoting it to their own following. 

The people featured in the post get exposure to the hosts following and a backlink to their own sites. The benefits of this go far beyond just getting in front of a new audience however. A quality backlink to your blog can do wonders for your overall DA score and therefore also have an effect on how search engines value your content. 

The more each person promotes the blog post the better for everyone involved in the project. It's a win-win for all involved!

Idea Sharing

Working with others can be a great source of inspiration. Each person will have something different to bring to the table and you may find that you all end up with plenty of spin off blog post ideas too. 

For example, I did a collaboration with Eline from Lovely AudioBooks on the topic Book Reviews: Can You Trust Book Bloggers? after she told me about a discussion that happened in one of her Facebook groups. We both ended up writing blog posts about the various points we discussed. Check out her post Are Book Bloggers Honest? We took the same topic but each approached it from a different angle. 

We both got a lot of ideas for other blog posts we could do from our brainstorming session too. 

Try New Things

When collaborating with other bloggers you may find that they have ideas that you never considered before. They might have a completely different style of blogging to yours. By working together you get to try out new things you might not have done otherwise/ might not work as well on your own blog due to the difference in style. It gives you the chance to experiment.

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Utilise Different Skill Sets

The bloggers you're collaborating with will probably have a different skill set to yours. Each blogger has their own journey and has probably picked up tips and tricks along the way. When working together you get to share your experiences with each other. It's a great way to gain knowledge about the topics you blog about and blogging itself. 

Maybe they know something about a new change to the ever-changing algorithms, or maybe they discovered a new app that is saving them time. Whether its tips for improving engagement with your readers or social media strategies that have been working well, collaborating with other bloggers can really help you level up as a blogger. 

It gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself, but also to share the things you've learnt based on your own blogging experience. 

Grow friendships

This is one of the best parts. Coming together with others who share your same passions is just special. Some of my closest book blogger buddies I met because of working together on a collaboration. Working together as a team really brings you together and unites. 

I also love collaborating with my friends on projects. It's always so much fun. 

Keeps blogging interesting

Blogging can be lonely at times so collaborating with others puts new energy into it. Working with others stops you from falling into a rut. It gives you the chance to mix things up, learn new things, bounce ideas of each other, and have some fun.

I encourage you to get out there and collaborate with other bloggers. It's so worth it! 

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Reasons To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

I'm always looking to collaborate with other bloggers so if you'd like to work together please get in touch 😉

What is your favourite part about collaborating with other bloggers? What is something you've learnt from collaborating? 


  1. You are so good about this, I have learned so much from you!

    1. I love collaborating with other bloggers. Those are my favourite types of blog posts to do 😊

  2. I haven't collaborated on my blog with other bloggers for a long time. I used to run a weekly interview with bloggers but this was when I was quite new and trying to get bloggers to join in the interview was difficult so I stopped after about 10/12 bloggers. Perhaps I should try again.

    1. I find interviews interesting. Helps get to know more about the behind the scenes stuff and the bloggers as people. Makes them more real and not just a name on the internet.

  3. So in agreement! I love collaborating with other bloggers for all of these reasons.