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2021 Challenges: January Update


2021 Challenges: January Update

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2021 Challenges: January Update

The first month of 2021 is already behind us which means it's time to check in with my progress report for January.

Before I jump into my progress with the various challenges I'm doing I have some awesome news to share with you all though...

This website came in 5th place in the category Best Review Site in the Critters Annual Readers Poll 2020! I'm honoured and truly appreciate each and every one of you that voted for me 💓 

And now on to the challenges...

The Blog Audit Challenge 2021

I decided to host the Blog Audit Challenge again this year after the success of last years event and the requests I got asking for it to be repeated. 

You ask, I deliver! 💪😉

The January Challenges were focused on the competition and what sets us apart. 

1. What is your Unique Selling Point?

Unique Selling Point (USP) is basically the reason why people should spend time on your blog. In my case, I aim to offer my readers valuable, useful information in an easy to follow format and to serve as a point of inspiration to help motivate others to try new ideas.

What sets me apart from the rest is probably one of the hardest questions to answer for most people. Maybe the fact that I'm constantly coming up with new ideas? I have way to many ideas! or maybe my unstoppable need to learn more and then share it with others? 

I'd like to think my personality comes across in the blog posts I do. Whether it's in informational posts, collaborations, or book reviews. 

2. Check out the competition

This part of the challenge offered a great opportunity to surf the net and spend hours scrolling through blog posts without feeling guilty about wasting time. 

There are so many seriously awesome blogs out there! 

3. Do a SWOT analysis of your blog

Strengths - I've been blogging for a long time and so have a good idea about how to blog. I know that my informational posts go down well, and that my opinions are valued by my readers. All this means I have a clear idea of the sort of content I should be putting on my blog. 

Weaknesses -  Whilst traffic to my blog isn't bad, I do still need to work more on engagement. I visit lots of blogs where the comment section of the posts is a real community event and that's what I want to happen on my own blog. 

Opportunities - I'm really pleased with the opportunities available to me and my blog. I'm blessed to be able to work with excellent bloggers, publishers, authors, etc...

Threats - Time, or to be more precise, lack of time is a real threat to my blog. I have so many ideas for things I want to do, posts I want to write, collaborations with others... and no where near enough time to do it all. 

The Social Media Audit Challenge

This year I decided to add yet another challenge, this time concentrating on social media. 

The main task for January was to pick 3 people I follow on social media and to analyse what it is about their content that makes me want to follow their posts. 

The one thing they all had in common was that they post photos of themselves. They offer a glimpse into their lives. I think this plays a huge role in making them "more human" and real. You get the feeling you know them. 

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

I'm off to a good start having read a book for the number one and therefore adding my first book to my clock.

Books read this month:

1- One Tequila by Tricia O'Malley My Review- Amazon - Goodreads

The Clock Reading Challenge January Progress

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Next up is the A to Z Reading Challenge.

I'm off to a great start with this challenge too and have already ticked off several letters. 

A to Z Reading Challenge January Update

Books read this month:

A- A Secondhand Lie by Pamela Crane - My Review- Amazon - Goodreads 

O- One Tequila by Tricia O'Malley - My Review- Amazon - Goodreads

Y- You Saw Too Much by Adam Nicholls and Jay Nadal - My Review- Amazon - Goodreads

K- Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland - My Review- Amazon - Goodreads

S- Shopaholic on Honeymoon by Sophie Kinsella - My Review- Amazon - Goodreads

2021 Challenges: January Update

How did you do with your January Challenges? Are you taking part in the Blog Audit Challenge or the Social Media Audit Challenge this year? Have you read any of these books? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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  1. Great post, I love your Audit challenge posts. Great to see how you analyse your blog and share that info.

    1. Thanks 😊 I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog audit challenge. I love learning new things and have fun trying to understand all the algorithms and trends, etc... I've picked up a lot of stuff from following others too and so try to pass on what I learn and share some insight as I go. One of the things I love about blogging is that it's a learning curve that never ends. There's always something new to try.

  2. Congrats on 5th place!!! That is such an awesome achievement! I missed reading a Sophie Kinsella book. I didn't know about the challenges, but I love your SWOT analysis so much! I will check out your blog audit challenge because I am very intrigued about it. Happy reading <3

    1. Thanks. I'm really pleased to have won the award and for placing so high. I'm honoured that people enjoy my book reviews and took the time to nominate me for best review site and vote for me 🥰

      Yes please do join in the Blog Audit Challenge. Would love to have you with us.

      I'm glad you enjoyed my SWOT analysis. It's always hard to analyse myself.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks 😊 I'm so happy to have been nominated as best review site and I'm very grateful for all the votes.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks 😊 I'm pleased with the progress I made in January. I'm determined to read books for all the letters for the A to Z Reading Challenge this year.

  5. I love how busy you are and the various challenges you participate in.

    1. Thanks Robin. Definitely keeping myself busy. I love challenges. They help keep me motivated.

  6. I don’t know how you do it all but I love it.

    1. haha I often wonder the same thing. I like to be busy though, and love trying out new things. I find that doing things in challenge form helps keep me on track, gives me inspiration, and keeps me motivated to hit my goals.