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Bookish Blog Hops: A Book With An Animal On The Cover


Bookish Blog Hops A Book With An Animal On The Cover

Bookish Blog Hops

A Book With An Animal On The Cover

The Bookish Blog Hops gang is back with a new hop running from 1st -7th February. 

For this post we're sharing about books with an animal on the cover.

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Bookish Blog Hops February 2022 Hop

There are so many books to choose from for this prompt. 

I've decided to pick a few random ones from the books I've read.

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller had a cat on the cover. The cat was also an important part of the story. My review.

Remembering What I Forgot had elephants on the cover. 

Starting Over had both a puppy and a horse on the cover (my review). These were very important in the story. Another book by Sheri S. Levy with a dog on the cover is Seven Days to Goodbye (my review). 

A book with an animal on the cover

Here's what the rest of the Bookish Blog Hops gang had to say:

Leslie Conzatti–

The book (or series, rather) I chose for this theme is the Therian Way series by Kimberly A. Rogers.

It’s an alternate universe where Elves and shifters (the titular Therians) live alongside humans. The Elves remain aloof from it all, but the Therians have investigator/protective/Federal type jobs, like their own brand of the FBI, tasked with protecting government officials and pursuing threats to national security.

The main characters are Therians, so their animal forms are often pictured on the covers. It’s an absolutely stunning series, and I love Rogers’ style! She alternates between telling the story from the perspective of Baran, a gruff, uptight, no-nonsense Tiger-shifter, and Raina, a half-Elven, Half-Leopard shifter, who is reckless, laid-back, and very much intent on pushing Baran’s buttons! Their relationship is tumultuous, but they work well together, and they do make a lovely couple! I love the unique premise of this series, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves shifters and urban fantasy!


One book that I have read sometime over the past couple of years is A Dog’s Purpose. I think it’s one of my favorites but it is so sad! The story follows a dog who lives multiple lives with multiple owners. Some owners he likes more than others while others kind of mistreat him. With the multiple lives that he lives he tries to figure out exactly what his purpose is. Is there more to his life than living as a different dog over and over again?

Like I said I absolutely loved this book even though it really made me cry. I have always been a sucker for animals and I never like to see them suffer.

Bookish Blog Hops: A Book With An Animal On The Cover

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Bookish Blog Hops February 2022

What books come to mind when you think of covers with animals on them?