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Book Review: Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan


Book Review Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan

My thoughts about Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan

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The book synopsis for Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan

Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan
For everyone who’s tired of looking at the mess in their living situation, have you ever thought, “wow, I really wish this clutter would all just go away?”

Well, now it can! Just keep reading…

Do you suffer from the clutter all over your home?

Do you often struggle every time you want to start to declutter and get your home tidy not

knowing how to start?

Do you have a hard time letting go of your sentimental items?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then keep reading…

How to get rid of all the mess and clutter in your home and life and keep your home tidy without sacrificing a lot of time or having additional daily chores, even if you’ve tried everything and nothing worked for you.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your tidy, organized clean home after you got rid of all unwanted stuff. Imagine even having your home tidy forever with very minimal effort. Imagine your life without all the stress and overwhelming feeling of guilt for seeing your home in a mess all the time. Say goodbye to complicated plans or techniques to keep your home tidy, you will discover simple but very powerful ways to declutter your home easily.

In Decluttering Your Home in a year or less! Workbook, you will discover:

◆ The 1 hidden reason why your home is messy in the first place!

◆ The only 3 powerful techniques you need to know for decluttering and tidying up.

◆ More than 40 fun exercises that are specially crafted for you to guide you through your decluttering journey!

◆ More than 20 mental guidance and reflection spaces carefully placed through the workbook to help you discover yourself more by journaling and reaching your goals easily!

◆ Secrets to get your home and life de-cluttered without giving away all your time in return!

◆ Why using the standard systematic decluttering and organizing methods is hurting your progress and what to do instead.

◆ Why your existing tidying up and decluttering techniques are an extra burden with no clear results (and what to do about it).

◆ How to easily create your personal tailored decluttering plan that matches your goals.

◆ How to prioritize your decluttering sequence of items in the best proven order.

◆ Surprising advice from Dale Carnegie on how to make your plan works!

◆ .... and so much more!

Amazon #1 best-selling author and decluttering expert Kai M. Jordan is introducing the Decluttering Your Home in a year or less! Workbook, now you’ll have a book telling you to get off your couch and just freaking do it yourself! We got inspirational quotes, we got a load of in-your-face, no-nonsense hard facts to throw at your sense of laziness! Time to face the freaking facts, you’re living in a bird's nest! With this handy-dandy guide, you’ll be asking yourself, “Was that really necessary?” and to that, we say, “YEAH IT WAS, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO LIVE IN A TIDY, COZY AND ORGANIZED HOME, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

Now, don your cleaning clothes, tie your hair back if you have long enough hair to do that, and buckle up. It’s time to take out the trash and begin our interesting journey in Decluttering Your Home in a year or less! Workbook.

Stop Wasting Time - Scroll up NOW and click the BUY NOW button to discover how to declutter your home and Get Hard Work Done!

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Book Review Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! by Kai M. Jordan

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  1. My house is mainly clutter free, except for our loft which is like that cupboard in Friends that Monica has that hides all her mess, that is my loft. One day I will get around to decluttering it. Sounds like an intriguing book. Great review.

    1. My problem is that I don't just have the one "Monica Cupboard", I have several spots that just seem to always turn into clutter spots.

  2. My house is aflutter with clutter, I need a serious intervention!

  3. I know I could do with a book like this one but I'm also wondering if I'm beyond repair.