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The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

Book Tag

The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

Today I'm doing the Pride and Prejudice Book Tag created by Emma at Turn Another Page who tagged me to do it via Twitter. You can find her post about it here:

The rules:

  • Thank those who tagged you.
  • Link back to the creator of the tag (Emma @TurnAnotherPage)
  • Tag as many people as you want
  • Have fun!!

The questions:

The Bennet Sisters: A Mixed Bag A book or series with an eclectic cast of characters Charlotte Lucas: The Best Friend A dependable book/series, tv show or film you can always turn to Mr Darcy: The Unexpected Surprise A book or series that you didn’t originally like but grew to love. Lady Catherine de Bourg: The Intimidating Aristocrat A book or series that intimidates you Mr Bingley: Honest Yet Easily Led A character you think deserves a lot of love Mr Collins: Awkward and a little socially inept. What hyped or popular book/series have you not yet read? The Gardiners: Steady Voices of Reason A character from any book, film, or tv series that you would turn to for advice Mr Wickham: The Deceiver A book that did not reach your expectations Georgiana Darcy: Shy and Naive but Friendly An under-hyped or represented book that you really love Colonel Foster’s Regiment: Sure to liven up any party! What book or series would you always recommend?

Watch the video for my answers:

Books mentioned:

All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford - Amazon

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan - Amazon 

Journey to Paradise by Paula Greenlees - Amazon 

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin - Amazon 

Four Ways to Wear a Dress by Gillian Libby - Amazon 

Books by Colleen Hoover - Amazon 

The Library by Bella Osbourne - Amazon 

Up to Date by Susan Hatler - Amazon

The Shepherd series by Ethan Cross- Amazon

Me Before You series by Jojo Moyes - Amazon 

I'm tagging:

Sifa Elizabeth Poulton

The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

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