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Festive Romance Reads for the Holidays

Festive Romance Reads for the Holidays


Festive Romance Reads for the Holidays

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Are you looking for a festive love story? Want a romance read with a Christmas theme? I've got you covered! 

Here's a list of romantic Christmas books to keep you busy over the festive period.

Romantic Christmas Books

Everyday in December by Kitty Wilson

Everyday in December by Kitty Wilson book cover

Two people. One month to fall in love.

‘The perfect Christmas story, full of heart and hope’ Sandy Barker

Belle Wilde loves December. Yes, she’s just lost her job and Christmas is not a good time to find yourself ‘financially challenged’. And yes, her parents are still going on about the fact that she really should have it all together by now. But Belle believes that in December, magic can happen.

Rory Walters hates December. Whilst it looks like his life is together, he’s still reeling from a winter’s night five years ago when his life changed forever. Now back at home, he’s certain that this will be yet another Christmas to endure rather than enjoy.

But as midnight on December 31st draws closer, Belle and Rory’s time together is coming to an end. With a little help from a Christmas miracle could Belle find the one thing she really wants underneath the mistletoe?

If you're after a slow burn festive romance this one's for you. 

Twelve Days to Save Christmas by Elizabeth Neep

Twelve Days to Save Christmas by Elizabeth Neep book cover

On the first day of Christmas, my true love… dumped me.

Poppy loves Christmas and always goes all out to make this magical time of the year extra special for her boyfriend George. But George is strangely not in the Yuletide spirit this year. As Poppy wrestles him into her Christmas jumper built for two for a holiday snapshot, she finds out why.

He’s leaving her. With only twelve days to spend together until Christmas.

Poppy is heartbroken. George is the love of her life, and what would Christmas be without kisses under the mistletoe, his mum’s delicious homemade gingerbread or their super-competitive games of Pictionary?

She’s determined to win George back. So, anxious to prove to him she can be spontaneous, she signs up as a Christmas volunteer at the local community centre. What she doesn’t know is that there’s a festive surprise coming her way…

As Poppy throws herself into her new role – mulling vats of hot cider and hanging fairy lights off everything within reach – she discovers an inner strength she never knew she had. And there’s also Theo. Her new boss. Grumpy and opinionated, he’s everything she doesn’t want.

But as the snow starts to fall, she begins to notice other things about him – like his twinkling green eyes, how he makes her laugh, and how much he cares about the people he’s trying to help.

As the twelfth day approaches, Poppy might be about to discover that the most perfect Christmas might be the one that she didn’t plan at all…

A festive romantic comedy about self-discovery with some great characters. 

Melt My Heart by Jules Barker

Melt My Heart by Jules Barker book cover

Visit the magical town of Moonrise Cove for a holiday romance that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Vera Penwythe may have the ability to create frost with her hands, but she wishes she could freeze her heart to keep it safe. She’s moved back in with her Gran after a humiliating break up left her in debt to a two-timing ex. But when a charming neighbor begs her to pretend to be his girlfriend to help his mother through the holidays, she can’t resist. She yearns to feel needed and be part of something, even if it is all fake. Besides, this way she’ll get the benefits of companionship without the expectations and heartbreak of a real relationship.

Harry Levine never thought lying to his mom would lead to the best mistake of his life. But when an embarrassing misunderstanding leads his parents to assume that Vera is the long-term girlfriend they’ve never met, Harry begs her to go with it. He can’t bear to tell his sick mom that he’s broken up with his girlfriend. Instead, he enlists Vera’s help to keep up the ruse until his mom is recovering from her surgery. That just means a few family parties, shared shifts at his dad’s magic-themed ice cream parlor, and—oh yeah, passing Vera off as the picky girlfriend he’s told them about. But what do you do when the lie you started becomes the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

Vera doesn’t trust her bad-guy radar and she doesn’t trust love. But Christmas at Moonrise Cove has a way of working its magic and soon her walls begin to melt. Will she be able to risk her heart to believe that something fake could ever become something real?

Check out my full review here.

No Ordinary Christmas by Talia Hunter

No Ordinary Christmas by Talia Hunter book cover

Three things even worse than Christmas:

1. Returning to my hated home town.

2. Getting arrested.

3. Realizing the arresting officer is the boy I ran out on in high school.

Luke Penn may look spectacular in a cop’s uniform, but I never wanted to see him again. He witnessed The Incident, otherwise known as the most embarrassing thing to happen to anyone ever. So as soon as I make it through my sister’s Christmas wedding, I’ll pack up my elf costume and catch the first sleigh out of town.

But when sparks fly between me and Luke, I'm forced to make an impossible choice.
Should I escape my cringe-worthy past?
Or take a chance on a Luke-alicious future?

No Ordinary Christmas is a stand-alone, second-chance, holiday novella you'll love!

Check out my full review here.

Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

Stuck with Santa by Audrey Carnes

Amazon - Goodreads

♥♥♥ Grumpy elf meets sunshine Santa in this small-town, second-chance, sweet rom com! ♥♥♥


Ho-ho-humbug! When Stephanie Sanders returns to her hometown of Apple Creek for the holidays, the last thing she wants to do is be roped into a Christmas festival. But the Christmas season means doing things for the ones we love, so off she goes to dress up as an elf in the name of Christmas spirit. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, her mom has a little Christmas surprise: playing Santa to Stephanie’s elf is none other than Thaddeus MacGuire the Third, her high school crush, who disappeared after a Christmas Eve kiss years ago.


Christmas really is the best season of the year…even in a Santa suit that’s giving him hives and surrounded by a bunch of snotgoblins who deserve lumps of coal in their stockings. But the real frosting on the Christmas cookie is when Thad finds himself locked in the church bell tower with none other than Stephanie Sanders, Santa’s Grumpiest Elf.

It’s going to take every last bit of Christmas magic to get these two to fall in love, but you’ll be laughing all the way!

Check out my full review here.

The Santa Trail by Tess Thompson

The Santa Trail by Tess Thompson

Amazon - Goodreads 

In this standalone holiday novella, USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson weaves a tale of winter wonder for two lonely hearts at the expense of a common criminal who just might be the real Santa Claus.

Neither Ryan nor Rena is thrilled to be called for jury duty. He’s a widower with a small daughter who needs him.

She’s a struggling single woman who can’t afford to miss a day’s pay. But when the two spot each other across the courtroom, suddenly jury duty doesn’t seem like such a burden after all.

Together with their fellow jurors, they must decide the fate of a defendant who believes that he’s Santa. It’s a seemingly unromantic task for two infatuated strangers, but love could find a way with a little help from the magic of Christmas. Like a stocking stuffed with all the special treats of the season, this novella is as sweet as sugar plums and as satisfying as a batch of cookies fresh from the oven.

Check out my full review here.

Merrily Matched by Cathryn Brown

Merrily Matched by Cathryn Brown

Amazon - Goodreads

Her Christmas season is well planned. A dog and a matchmaker ignore that plan.

Molly’s holiday season will be drama free. Nothing except working at her busy bakery in Homer, Alaska, so she can save money. Because she’s failed at romance in the past, love isn’t on her schedule. Neither is the dog she adopts—and has no idea how to take care of.

Joe just moved to this small town to set up a veterinary practice. His soft spot for animals—and pretty bakers—brings his path and Molly’s together. He may be interested in a future with her, but she keeps pushing him away.

A matchmaker has ideas of her own to make sure these two have a happily ever after.

If you enjoy stories with dogs, matchmakers, and sweet romance, you’ll love Merrily Matched. Start reading now to add some Christmas happiness to your day.

This is a standalone book and also book 3.5 in the Alaska Matchmakers series. The author is from Alaska, so she knows the real Alaska.

Check out my full review here.

Do you know of a great romance novel/novella set during the holidays? What's your favourite festive romance you've read this year? Let us know about it in the comments below. 

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Festive Romance Reads for the Holidays

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