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Book Spotlight: Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook


Book Spotlight Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook

Book Spotlight

Children's books by Marsha Casper Cook

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Today I'm showcasing the a variety of children's books by Marsha Casper Cook. 

Book Spotlight Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook

Publisher: Michigan Avenue Media

Genre: Children's books


Book synopsis' for children's books by Marsha Casper Cook

Snack Attack by Marsha Casper Cook

Snack Attack by Marsha Casper Cook
We all know if a child eats too much candy and cookies they don't feel well. They ask all the time and sometimes get angry when they are told no. But Addison's mom decided to give Addison a free day to eat everything he wanted in whatever order he decided upon. 

At first, it seemed liked fun but by the time he got to bed his tummy hurt. His mom knew why and she told him he would feel like new in the morning. But once morning came, he decided he would eat the dish of oatmeal his mother gave him. Usually, he complained more than he ate but that morning he finished the oatmeal and decided that would be how he would always start the day. 

Snack Attack" is a fun, creative look at nutrition that shows children eating well is a matter of making the right choices. It sends its message without preaching to its audience. This is a charming book for children to read alone or with an adult. It will fast become a family favorite. This is also a great book for grandparents to add to their bookshelf.

I Wish I Was a Brownie by Marsha Casper Cook

I Wish I Was a Brownie by Marsha Casper Cook

Chippy isn’t happy with who he is and wants to be a brownie. With help from his teacher, Mrs. Chipster, he realizes he can be happy with who he is, if he believes in himself. Children will not only relate to what has happened to Chippy they will be pleased as they see sad Chippy become happy being himself.

This is a heartwarming storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story. Self Esteem is very important no matter what age.Kids will be learning without feeling this is a message.

This is a great book for grandparents to have on their bookshelf so they can spend time reading together.

No Clues No Shoes by Marsha Casper Cook

No Clues No Shoes by Marsha Casper Cook
Addison is feeling lonely because he has just moved into a new neighborhood, and then he meets Emelina. At first, they have nothing in common and didn’t see eye to eye on anything. Addison likes to read and write stories inside, and Emelina likes to be outdoors, jogging, skating, and just about anything that keeps her active. She likes healthy food and Addison has a sweet tooth. A few weeks after they meet, they are surprised to find out that they both signed up for Jr. Detective School. They end up teaming up to solve their fist case — a classmate’s shoes have disappeared. With very little to go on, Emelina and Addison try to find the shoes. A friendship develops between the two of them when they solve the first of many cases.

The Busy Bus - A Collection of 34 Short Children's Poems by Marsha Casper Cook

The Busy Bus - A Collection of 34 Short Children's Poems by Marsha Casper Cook

Children like to laugh and this is the book that will take your child on short journeys with each poem. If you and your child like funny poems you will be able to enjoy this book together at bedtime or any time. It’s clever and perfect for beginning readers to enjoy the world of poetry. This is a perfect book for grandparents to put on their bookshelf. Reading together is a great way to have pleasant memories with your children or grandchildren.

About the author 

Marsha Casper Cook, Author

Marsha Casper Cook is not only an award-winning author and screenwriter she is also the host and producer of all of the Michigan Avenue Media Podcasts on Blog Talk Radio. Her most recent accomplishment is her contribution to the worldwide magazine eYs. 

Marsha has written over fifteen books and twelve screenplays, including romance, dramas, and children’s books. Her latest series is The Warrington Legacy, where she writes about the trials and tribulations of a family using her sense of love and family commitment as her guide. To her, family matters, and that is reflected in every book she writes. A new addition to her writing books and screenplays she writes for eYs Magazine where she interviews authors who discuss writing and marketing and everything in between,  She also has guests who talk about timely matters in a professional way. 

Also, several of her books have been translated into Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Afrikaan, Portuguese, and Italian.

Book Spotlight Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook

What people are saying about Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook

This a great collection of fun poems kids will love. The author uses humor and rhymes with fun pictures that make the world of poetry fun for all. This is such a fun, amazing way to help children love poems.

This is a cute and fun story to read with your children. My  6 old year grandson, loves Addison’s adventure with snacks and hopes the author will write more Addison stories. 

"No Clues No Shoes" is a wonderful, lighthearted story for third grade on up to read independently, or younger children to read with an adult. It's a charmingly written chapter book that will keep a young reader's interest.

The audio version is great as well. The narration was done by Gabrielle Byrne. Gabrielle really sounds so kid-friendly and her expressions in words will make kids laugh and understand better. I highly highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, who reads bedtime stories to their kids.

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Book Spotlight Children's Books by Marsha Casper Cook

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