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General Update: Life, Health, and Other Stuff

Apologises for my recent lack of posting but I'm still struggling with my health. I'm making good progress though. Finally down to just two meds a day now (insert happy dance here). 

I still have a long way to go to resolving my big problem (biggest part of big problem is still not knowing what exactly big problem is) but at least I seem to have finally kicked this pneumonia and almost kicked the bronchial asthma it left me with. I won't be running any marathons for a long time yet but I am excited about being able to resume life in general. These past few months have felt like my life was put on hold, and I didn't like that feeling.  My immune system still isn't working as it should be and is even more delicate after all the antibiotics and cortisone I've been on so I still have to be very careful but PJ days are now down to a minimum.

I have learnt a lot over the past few months, and wanted to share a few things with you. 

1) I can't control everything. I'm a complete control freak and so this is a hard pill to swallow. Being forced to accept that I can't control everything though hasn't been a bad thing. I'm still a complete control freak but I have become a little better about letting go and just rolling with it.

2) I do not like injections (I was pretty clear on this point before but lets just say I've confirmed my feelings on the topic. Ouch!)

3) I'm incredibly bad at being ill. Again, I knew this already. I'm the sort of person who likes to be doing. When I can't be doing I get very frustrated.

4) I am addicted to watching the Property Brothers, Love it or List it, and a bunch of other home improvement type programmes. I never really watch much TV but found a new found love for these programs... usually followed by a session on Pinterest to find DIY projects I'll probably never get round to ever actually doing. My hubby is slightly less enthusiastic about this hobby.

5) There are lots of exercises that don't involve getting breathless or sweating. Part of my recovery plan involves doing daily exercise, however I'm not allowed to do cardio yet and so needed to find some soft exercises. Enter more Pinterest sessions... planks, yoga, stretching.... I found a huge amount of stuff to try out and none of it left me struggling to breathe.

6) I dream big. Another thing I knew already but that was reenforced during my forced rest period. Not being able to do anything gave me plenty of time to think. Just dreaming doesn't get you very far though and so I've also been setting goals, and planning. Now I'm looking forward to putting them into action so those dreams can come true :) 

7) Being healthy must be a priority. We get so caught up in life that sometimes we forget to look after ourselves properly. I am most definitely guilty of this. It's not OK though. This is not a test drive. This is life. We need to look after ourselves so we can live it to the max. Lesson learned. Health is now up at the top of my priority list. 

I'm now slowly getting back into the flow of things. I'm still taking it each day at a time but I'm super excited about my upcoming projects, and a new venture I'm launching (more about that tomorrow!).

Thanks for all your support during these tough months. You have no idea how much it means to me when I read your messages and comments. They really helped me get through the tougher days. 


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