Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Book Review: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

#BookReview: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

My thoughts about Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

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#BookReview: Nobody's Perfect by Douglas ClarkThe chairman of Barugt Pharmaceutical, Adam Huth, is found murdered at his desk in his office.

Called to investigate Huth’s sudden death, Detective Chief Inspector Masters and Inspector Green of Scotland Yard, find Huth slumped in his chair. Initial observations conclude that one of the company’s employees murdered Huth.

Faced with the prospect of eight hundred suspects, Masters and Green have their work cut out.

When all signs suggest the cause of death was an overdose of drugs, not self-administered the investigation’s complexity increases. In a company that has unlimited access to drugs, and with drug experts working within the company, Masters and Green find themselves searching for a needle in a haystack.

Adam Huth was a popular man. Anyone who knew him hardly had a bad word to say about him. This just made the case even harder … what motive could the murderer have had?

Mr Torr, the Personnel Manager, has something to hide. Masters and Green can sense it. Arousing their interest, Masters and Green start to dig into Mr Torr further. The matter of missing Metathiazanone tablets puts Mr Torr high on the list of suspects. Huth knew about the missing tranquilizers, and Masters and Green are almost certain Mr Torr murdered Huth out of fear of being sacked …

Mrs Huth had a lot to gain from Mr Huth’s death. His life insurance would have kept her going for a while … another suspect to add to Master and Green’s list.

Mr Huth was suffering from a kidney infection … according to Dr Mouncer, who prescribed the drugs that killed him. Yet another one to add to the list …

As the investigation takes them deeper into the profile of certain employees, the discovery of the missing drugs and its uses, surfaces. And the murderer’s motive behind the killing shocks everyone …

Nobody's Perfect is book 1 in the Masters and Green Mystery series.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Book Review: 1996 by Kirsty McManus

#BookReview: 1996 by Kirsty McManus

My thoughts about 1996 by Kirsty McManus

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#BookReview: 1996 by Kirsty McManus
When food blogger Anna Matthews takes a vitamin supplement that thrusts her back in time to 1996—and into her sixteen year old body—she is naturally a little shocked. But after a hasty re-assimilation, she decides to take advantage of this amazing second chance to view her teenage years from a more mature perspective.

But with the effectiveness of each dose only lasting twelve hours, and any new actions initiated in the past having no effect on the future, Anna wonders whether taking it again would serve any purpose.

Of course, curiosity gets the better of her, and she soon becomes addicted to travelling back in time to relive what she originally believed to be some of her best memories.

Knowing that her husband grew up in the same area—and with him unwilling to talk about the past—Anna decides to track him down in 1996. But an unexpected discovery forces her to make a heartbreaking decision that will change both her and her husband’s future forever.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: March Link Up

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: March Link Up #BlogAuditChallenge2020

Blog Audit Challenge 2020

As I mentioned in the sign up post for this challenge, I'll be hosting monthly link ups in order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress. On the first Saturday of every month participants can share their links and discuss their progress. 


March Link Up

How did you do with the March challenges? What was the hardest part of the challenge this month? What are your thoughts about the Blog Audit Challenge so far? Create a blog post sharing your progress and link it up in the comments section below so we can all visit and support each other in our mission for blog awesomeness. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: March Link Up #BlogAuditChallenge2020

Save the date!

Find the April Challenges posted on 1st April here

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Don't forget to promote your participation in the Blog Audit Challenge 2020 by using the following graphic in any blog posts you do connected with the challenge along with a link back to this site. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2020 hosted by @JoLinsdell at

Friday, 3 April 2020

Bookish Blog Hops: 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's

#BookishBlogHops 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's: A Recap Of All The Spring Blog Hop Stops

31 Days of Bookish Q&A's

March was a life changing month for most of us (I know it was for me), but the Bookish Blog Hops gang carried on sharing their love of books. For 31 days we came together to discuss various topics related to reading, books, and book blogging. 

Miss some of the stops? Don't worry I've got you covered.

Bookish Blog Hops: A Recap Of All The Stops On The Spring Hop

1st March - 2020 releases

6th March - A Book With More Than 400 Pages

7th March - The Last Non Fiction Book You Read

9th March - A Book That Was Originally Written In A Different Language

10th March - What Reading Challenges Are You Taking Part In This Year?

13th March - A Book Set In The Future

15th March - A Book You Started But Haven’t Finished

17th March - A Book By An Author Who Uses Initials In Their Pen Name

18th March - Highlight Of Your Book Blogging Career To Date?

19th March - How Many Books Is Too Many Books In A Book Series?

21st March - What Book Death Hit You The Hardest?

23rd March - What Author (who is still living) Would You Love To Meet

24th March - What book or series do you hope and pray will be turned into a movie or TV show one day?

27th March - What's your favourite snack, or beverage to have beside you while you're reading?

28th March - What deceased author would you have liked to meet?

29th March - Do you prefer paperbacks or ebooks? Why?

30th March - Last Audiobook You Listened To?

31st March - What book will you read next?

#BookishBlogHops 31 Days of Bookish Q&A's: A Recap Of All The Spring Blog Hop Stops

Are you a book blogger?
Want to join the Bookish Blog Hops gang?

Looking for inspiration for your book blog? Check out 101 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

2020 Challenges: March Update

2020 Challenges: March Update

2020 Challenges: March Update

WOW! March was not what I (or pretty much anyone else) expected. COV-19 changed our world this past month. 

Our schools here in Italy have been shut since 4th March which has meant I've been working my way around the distance learning systems since then. As this whole situation came out of nowhere the schools weren't prepared for it and as such the first few weeks was mainly spent trying out different platforms for doing, and sending school work. My kids schools don't use the same systems and so it was all doubled.

Then there's been the organising of being in lockdown. Trying to work out routines, making sure my husband has the updated form to take with him when he needs to go out for supplies, and organising simple stuff like food shopping which is no longer simple. Trying to keep the kids from freaking out, and helping them deal with not being able to leave the house. 

I've also not been well. I've had an annoying cough and high temperature. Still not sure for certain what caused it. It did result in our worry levels going up a notch or two though. I am doing better now though, and haven't left the house in weeks so no risk of me having spread it in any case. 

As the situation here in Italy continues to get worse I'm not sure when normal life will restart.  In the meantime we try to stay positive, follow the rules, and do our best with what we've got. 

Needless to say, my progress with my various challenges for March hasn't been great. The small amount of free time I've had I've either been too ill, or just not in the right mental state to do much.

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The Blog Audit Challenge 2020

This is a challenge I created aimed at improving our blogs. You can find full details here in case you missed the introduction post. The goals for March were all related to trimmings. 

Website banner

I didn't get round to working on updating my website banner unfortunately. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up once everything settles down a bit here. 

The Sidebar

I already did a huge declutter of my sidebar when I did my last big website redesign so there wasn't really much to change. The one thing I did want to do was to add a link to my resources page to make it easier to find (especially given the work I did on it as part of the February challenges). 

The Footer

Again, I already did a make over of my footer and so I didn't have anything to change there. 

The Audiobook Challenge

This challenge is was created by Eline from Lovely Audiobooks. I'm doing it as a year long challenge. 

2020 Challenges: March Progress Report #AudiobookChallenge2020

Audiobooks listened to this month:
  • Unfortunately I didn't manage to add any new audiobooks to my list this month.  Hopefully April will be a better month. 

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Next up is the A to Z Reading Challenge. Slow progress here too this month. Just one title added to my list this month. 

Books read this month:

N- Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark

Armed with a Bingo

I didn't make much progress with the Armed with a Bingo challenge this month either. 

2020 Challenges: March Update Armed With A Bingo

Books read this month:
  • A book with a number in it's title: 1996 by Kristy McManus

2020 Challenges: March Update

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges #BlogAuditChallenge2020

Blog Audit Challenge 2020

Welcome back for another month of challenges for the Blog Audit Challenge 2020!

I hope you did well with the March challenges, and linked up your progress reports in the March Link Up. 

Each month we'll concentrate on a different area of our blogs.

The Challenges:

January- Plan of action
April- Design
May- SEO
June- Links
July- Quality content
August- Content gaps
September- Developing readership
October- Get social
November- Press and collaborations
December- Know your stats

Monthly link ups

In order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress, I'll be hosting link ups on the first Saturday of every month where participants can share their links and discuss their progress. 


April Challenges

Our focus for April is on design. 

The April challenges will reinforce branding, improve SEO, and mean we have plenty of images to be shared via social media when promoting our content. 

The April challenges:

1. Images

The right graphics can make a huge difference to a blog. Worried about not having any design skills? Think it'll take up too much of your time to create visual elements to go with your blog posts? Don't panic. There are plenty of tools available online, for free, that make it super easy and will only take you a minute to make. 

Canva is my go to tool for my blog graphics. I created templates for my blog graphics (blog post header, Pinterest, etc...) so that whenever I do a new post I just open the template, update the text, and insert a different background image. It only takes a minute and each image is perfectly sized, ready for posting. 

Make sure every blog post has at least one image.

2. Optimize your images

Make sure every image you post has alt tags. Use keywords to supercharge the SEO on your post. 

3. Readability

Design isn't just about graphics and other images. It's about the whole look and feel of your web page. A big block of text will have readers clicking away at light speed. It just seems like too much hard work. 

Make sure your post is formatted for easy readability. Break text up into smaller paragraphs, use lists (numbered or bullet points), and take into account the white space on the page. Also make sure your text is easy on the eyes. Generally speaking darker text on a lighter background is best. 

Free downloads: You can grab copies of all the extra materials for the Blog Audit Challenge 2020 for free here

Save the Date!

The May challenges will be posted on 1st May. The monthly link up post for sharing your April progress will be on 2nd May. 

Blog Audit Challenge 2020: April Challenges #BlogAuditChallenge2020

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