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Social Media Audit Challenge 2021: January Challenges


Social Media Audit Challenge 2021: January Challenges #SMAudit2021

The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021

The January Challenges

Welcome to the first ever installment of the Social Media Audit Challenge 2021! Over the course of this year I'll be posting monthly challenges to help us improve our social media presence and get better results. 

What is a social media audit?

An audit of your social media accounts let's you understand what's happening on each network. A social media audit helps create a clear picture of your current social media efforts, evaluates results, and gives you key information to build a social media strategy that works best for you and your brand. 

The Challenges

Over the course of the year we'll be working on different aspects of our social media. Each month will have a different focus and tasks to carry out. 

Jan- Analyse Influencers

Feb- The Clean Up

Mar- Consistency

Apr- Quality

May- Measure Results

Jun- Facebook

Jul- Twitter

Aug- LinkedIn

Sept- YouTube

Oct- Pinterest

Nov- Instagram

Dec- Results and Plans

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The January Challenges

Our focus for January is on Influencers. 

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views. - Influencer Marketing Hub


Task 1: Pick 3 influencers you like to follow. It's a good idea to pick at least one that fits into your own niche, but the others don't have to e.g. If you're a book blogger, pick at least one other book blogger. The other two can be anyone. 

For each influencer you pick ask yourself why? What is it about them/their content that makes you want to follow them? What types of content do they post? 

Where do you follow them? Just on one site e.g. Twitter, or on multiple social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. How does their content differ between the different sites?

Task 2: Take the information you've gathered and think about what they do that you can adapt for your own social media profiles. Try out some posts on your own profiles based on what you found.

The Monthly Link Up

In order to keep us all on track, and give us a way to see each others progress, I'll be hosting link ups every month where participants can share their links and discuss their progress. The link up January progress will be on 5th February.

You can also engage with others doing The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021 by using the hashtag #SMAudit2021 on your social media profiles and share the following graphic to promote your participation.

The Social Media Audit Challenge 2021 #SMAudit2021

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Social Media Audit Challenge 2021: January Challenges #SMAudit2021

What social media sites do you use on a regular basis? 

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