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Pet Peeves About Book Series


What are some of your pet peeves about book series

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Pet Peeves About Book Series

When it comes to book series there's a few things that annoy me. Number one would have to be when they change the book covers mid-series. Even more so if I loved the original design but don't particularly like the new one.

I also hate it if I'm building a collection of books in a series and then get one in the wrong trim size. It just looks so wrong on my bookshelves. 

I also feel that all books in the series should have a "previously..." summary recap at the start in case it's been a while between books and you've forgotten what happened. 

What are your pet peeves about book series 

What the Book Blogging Community had to say:

The cover designs getting changed part way through the series!

They're getting increasingly longer and I wish they wouldn't.

I hate when they come out in different trim sizes and look weird on the shelf.

When they change the branding and cover art midway through the series so your books don't match.

The magic from the 1st two books sometimes Peters out

The cover style change really winds me up, as does the lack of numbers on the spine. Just tell me which one it is!

That they don’t always make sense if you read them out of sequence.

Pet Peeves About Book Series

What are some of your pet peeves about book series?

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  1. My pet hate with series is when the authors don't bother to finish them Yes, George Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, I'm looking at you but also several other authors whose books I bought and then never continued the series

    1. That is annoying especially if the ending leaves cliffhangers or unanswered questions.

  2. They are published so far apart I forget the details

    1. So true! When I read a series I like to read them all one after the other (I'm the same with binge-watching TV series). If too long passes between books I forget bits. That's why I think all series books should come with a "previously...." section at the beginning to recap the important parts of the previous book(s).