Blogger VS Wordpress: The Pros and Cons

Blogger VS Wordpress The Pros and Cons

Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

Blogger VS WordPress: The Pro's and Con's

How do book bloggers decide which blogging platform to use? Whilst there are loads of other platforms you can use, for this post we'll be concentrating on the two main platforms; Blogger and WordPress. 

So, which is better, Blogger or WordPress? 

The answer is "it depends". 

It really comes down to what the purpose of your blog is. Are you a hobby blogger or looking to make it your full time business? Do you want to monetise your blog? How tec-savvy are you? 

There is no right or wrong choice but hopefully this comparison of the pros and cons of both Blogger and WordPress will help you pick the best option for you and your book blog. 

For the sake for this post we'll be looking at the free options for both sites. In both cases you don’t technically own your blog. If they believe that you are violating their terms of service then they may suspend your account forever.

Owned by Google. Sub-domain Pros

  1. It's completely free forever! 
  2. No ads! 
  3. Super easy to use
  4. All content is automatically search engine friendly and indexed by Google
  5. Your blog is backed up automatically
  6. Security is taken care of by Google
  7. You can easily monetise your blog with ads (Adsense, Amazon,etc...)
  8. You can customise the blog template or use your own design
  9. No storage limit so you can publish as many posts as you like! 
  10. You can upload unlimited media because only photos over 2048×2048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes count toward your storage limit (you get 15GB free storage)
  11. You can add scripts and custom codes
  12. You can add a custom domain name
  13. Free domain mapping Cons

  1. The default themes aren't great so you may have to buy a third party template or create your own.
  2. No paid upgrades or add-ons.

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Content Management System (CMS) powered by WordPress. Sub-domain Pros

  1. It's completely free forever! 
  2. All content is automatically search engine friendly and indexed by Google
  3. Your blog is backed up automatically
  4. You have the option to purchase a premium theme with upgrading to the premium plan
  5. Lots of paid upgrades available
  6. You can join WordAds and monetise your blog (need custom domain name to be eligible) Cons

    1. Your blog may display ads to visitors if you don't pay to remove ads
    2. You can't monetise with your own ads
    3. You can't use custom code or script
    4. You can't use third party apps (they have plugins though)
    5. You can't use third party analytics like Google Analytics
    6. You have to give footer credits
    7. You have to pay for domain mapping
    8. Paid plans and upgrades can be expensive
    9. Disk space is limited to 3GB (includes all themes, plugins and media)

    Which is your favourite blogging platform and why? Do you own your book blog or do you use a free blogging platform to host it? 

    Blogger VS Wordpress The Pros and Cons

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    1. Interesting comparisons Jo. I started on blogger and it took me a long time to work out all the technical stuff so decided to stay. Wordpress does have a lot more interaction with other Wordpress blogs and an easy follow system but I’m just not up to changing mine over.

      1. Same. I agree, WordPress has easier following and interaction. The like button too which is good for minimal feedback from those who don't leave comments. Blogger has always been good for me though and so I don't think much about changing.