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How Do You Organise Your Book Shelves?


How Do You Organise Your Book Shelves?

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I recently started a new series of posts on my Twitter asking a question of the day. The idea behind it is to get chatting more about book blogging and everything involved with being a book blogger. 

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Organising Book Shelves

Organise? I don't really have any system in place when it comes to organising my print books. The most I ever seem to do is separate fiction and non fiction. That said, I do keep books I haven't read yet on separate shelves to the ones I have read. Just makes finding a book on my TBR list easier. 

One day I will go through all my books and organise them properly. Probably by genre and then author. One day... when I have a big enough book shelf to set them up nicely. 

I currently don't have much shelf space which is one of the main reasons they aren't organised. It's more a case of where they fit on the shelves. I'm up to double rows now too.

I tend to get most of my books in e-format nowadays but I love looking at other peoples book shelves and let me tell you, shelf envy is real! I'd love to have a home library like some of the ones I've seen on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

How Do You Organise Your Book Shelves?

What the Book Blogging Community had to say:

Start ed off alphabetical but not any more! @JenBurkinshaw

Wait…I’m supposed to organise it??? @lmnathanwriter

I buy digital books these days but when I bought physical books I organized by subject/topic and genre. Organizing by color is beautiful but I’d probably never be able to find a book! @ReadingLadiesBC

I separate fiction and non fiction, that's all 😁 @nsfordwriter

It starts with my favorite book to my least favorite book. Books I have read and books I haven't read are separated. @owlbookworld

genre, but with a generous helping of how much I love the books and how likely I am to reread them..... @charlotteslib

Sets/authors together.
Everything else is just on there 🤣 @cats_herding

My unread books are in alphabetical order by author surname. Problem is when I buy something new I have to re-arrange all the shelves to put it in the correct space @BookerTalk

Colour on one of them and size for the other one 😍 @Rach_thereader

I tried by color... looks great but drove me nuts when I wanted to retrieve a specific book.

I tried alphabetical, but, again... nope... all genres become mixed up. I generally try to organize by fiction vs non-fiction, and then by genre.
Space limits often decide for me :) @sherrydenboer

Organize...what is this foreign word you speak of. I just put them on the shelf and pray more room appears. @romcombc

How do you organise your book shelves? Join in the conversation in the comments section. 


How Do You Organise Your Book Shelves?

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  1. I separate nonfiction from fiction and then sort my fiction by genre > sub-genre > Author's last name. I try to sort my nonfiction by topic but, at that point I don't have any room on my shelves.

    1. Shelf space (or lack of) is a big issue for a lot of us.