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Best Tips for Book Bloggers


Best Tips for Book Bloggers: Book Blogging Advice and Mistakes to Avoid

Best Tips for Book Bloggers

Book Blogging Advice and Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you're just started out or have been book blogging for a while now we can all learn from the experience of other book bloggers. 

I asked my Twitter buddies for their top tips for book bloggers and they didn't disappoint.

Book Blogging Tips

Book Reviews

On a practical level the sooner you review the books you read the better. The book will be fresh in your mind and so you don't risk forgetting things.

As an avid reader, you probably have several books already on the go or start a new one on finishing the last. Another good reason not to put off creating your reviews.

Avoid Overwhelm

It is so very easy to overload your plate and take on too much. If you sign up for every book tour and say yes to every book review request you'll soon be left feeling overwhelmed.

If like me you're guilty of getting click happy on Net Galley you might want to join me for the Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge.

Know your why

Make sure you have a clear idea of why you book blog. You should be doing it first and foremost because you love reading and are passionate about sharing about it. If your heart's not in it it'll show in the content you create. 

Also, whilst having goals is great you should try not to compare yourself to other book bloggers. We're all on a different point of our book blogging journey. Celebrate all your personal milestones and enjoy it.

Do what feels right for you

Book blogging can feel stressful at times and lead to overwhelm when your TBR gets out of control and you lack inspiration for a new blog post. Try to find the right amount for you. You don't have to post new content everyday. 

When possible try to schedule a few blog posts in advance so you can take a few days off. 

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And last but not least...

Be consistent

It might seem contradictory given the last point but being consistent is more important than you think. This applies to both your blog and the social media channels you use to promote it.  


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Best Tips for Book Bloggers: Book Blogging Advice and Mistakes to Avoid

What are your top tips for book bloggers?