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How Often Do Book Bloggers Post?

How Often Do Book Bloggers Post

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I recently started a new series of posts on my Twitter asking a question of the day. The idea behind it is to get chatting more about book blogging and everything involved with being a book blogger. 

I'll be showcasing answers to the questions in a series of blog posts here on so we can develop the conversation even more and go into more detail.

How Often Do Book Bloggers Post?

When it comes to posting to my blog I aim for three times a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is the quantity I've found generally works best for me and my lifestyle/commitments. 

That's not to say I don't occasionally post more or less often some weeks. 

I try to schedule posts in advance as life can sometimes (make that often) throws a curve ball and things start to get out of control. I find that if I have at least the majority of upcoming posts scheduled it keeps me organised so I don't miss days, and it helps take the stress out of blogging too. No last minute panics.

Over the years I've changed my posting schedule several times. In the past I felt like I had to put out new content on a daily basis and, whilst this is awesome if you can, I've found for me it's more important to post consistently than it is to post frequently. 

How often do you post to your Book Blog? 

What the Book Blogging Community had to say:

Mine's daily - I stack up posts to give myself a buffer

At the moment, not that regularly. I've been struggling with motivation and having the time to think of content.

I aim for five days a week, some weeks it may be only three or four, other weeks it might be six.

Usually twice a week but I have been putting a lot more focus on my new blog so I haven't been posting on this one much. Hopefully, when I get ahead I'm going to try and put more focus on this one again.

MWF each week, with the occasional vacation day ☺️ 

As and when. Sometimes it's a lot and sometimes quieter. Depends on my time

I try to aim for twice a week! However, this can vary greatly obviously due to a number of factors. Life can get in the way sometimes, other times I have been far too busy reading, but not enough writing 😂. Sometimes it can be more, particularly if I am involved with tours etc. @FantasyBookNerd


I used to post every other day, at least until I ran out of content. now it's when I finish a book, or feel guilty enough to post @brumnordie


I usually post 3 times a week. (4 times is a great week for me, 5 times is a pace I can’t keep up)

I post usually once per day except for Saturdays. Sometimes I post two things on the same day but only for blog tours.

Every other day usually but it does depend on how much time I have

I aim for every other day but sometimes the gap stretches to 2 days.

How often do you post to your book blog? Do you have a fixed posting schedule or do you just post as and when? How important do you think it is to post consistently/frequently? Join in the conversation in the comments section.

How often do you post to your Book Blog

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