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Book Spotlight: Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green


Book Spotlight Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green

Book Spotlight

Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green

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Today I'm part of a virtual book tour organised by The Write Reads for Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green. The tour for ‘Takeout Sushi' will run from 22nd April - 3rd May 2024. 

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Publisher: Neem Tree Press

Length: 272 Pages

Genre: Contemporary Short Stories, Japan

Date Published: May 2024

About the book

Book synopsis for Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green

Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green book cover

Takeout Sushi is a collection of 17 illustrated short stories set mostly in contemporary Japan that explore feelings of belonging, displacement, and the strangeness of everyday human interaction.

In an innovative, fast-paced company, a man’s job comes under threat when a team of robots are brought in to replace the HR department. A husband’s search for shortcuts to his domestic tasks goes painfully wrong. Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, a foreigner takes a weekend break and discovers something other than solitude in the mountains.

Marking Christopher Green’s debut adult fiction and inspired by his own experiences, these whimsical slice-of-life tales are full of heart and humour—perfect for fans of Convenience Store Woman and Before the Coffee Gets Cold

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Where to find Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green online: 


About the author

About the author 

Christopher Green, author of Takeout Sushi

A long-time resident of Japan, Christopher lives near Tokyo with his wife and daughter. Christopher writes short stories and children's stories. His first collection of short stories Takeout Sushi is due for publication by Neem Tree Press in May 2024.

For a little more about Christopher and his books, please visit

For Christopher's goodreads page for his children's books, please visit

Chris Green.

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Look out for my review of Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green coming soon. In case you missed it, you can check out my unboxing here. 

Book Spotlight Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green

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  1. I enjoy short stories occasionally! Eye catching cover!

    1. Sushi is my favourite food and I feel this book is a good excuse to get some. I can eat it whilst I read the book.

  2. I'm 3 stories away from finishing this collection. Some absolutely great ones here (and some ones that I need someone to explain to me why they're good, but I assume they are). #BloggersWeekendLinkUp

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm thinking out diving into it later on this evening. Once I'm done reading I'd love to discuss the ones you liked/didn't. It's always nice to find other people who are/have read the same books.

  3. I would love to read this over the summer. I'm absolutely swamped this spring. Thanks for sharing.