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Things You Should Do AFTER You Publish a New Blog Post

Things You Should Do AFTER You Publish a New Blog Post


Things You Should Do AFTER You Publish a New Blog Post

You've just published a new blog post. Now what?

In this post I'll be sharing a checklist of things to do after publishing a blog post. 

Check the blog post

This might seem like an obvious thing to do but it's a step that is often overlooked. No matter how many times I check my posts before publishing, there's often a little error that makes it through. You can never proof read a post enough!

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Share your blog post

Share on social media 

This is quick and easy to do if you have social share buttons on your blog. Just click and post to your various social media profiles like a reader would do.

It is a good idea to create platform specific posts to your individual social media profiles though as these will probably get better results in the sites algorithms. It also looks more professional.

Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best sites for pulling in traffic long term. Pins have a much longer lifespan than standard social media sites. That means that your pins will keep pushing traffic to your blog post weeks, months and even year later. 

I personally create multiple pins for every blog post and pin them to different boards over time. It has proved to be one of my best strategies for growing my blog.

Share to Facebook groups

There are still a huge number of Facebook groups for promoting blog content. Don't spam random groups though. You should be an active member of the groups you share to and give support to others in the group too. 

Also make sure you follow the rules for each group. Some have specific threads for sharing blog posts on. Others let you post directly to the group wall.

Join Link ups

Find regular link ups that match your content topic. Again follow the rules and try to show support to the other bloggers taking part.

Submit to round ups

Another way to share your content, potentially with a new audience, is to submit your blog post url to round ups. Again, follow the rules, show support, and make sure your content is on topic for that particular round up.

I run a monthly round up for book bloggers via my Twitter profile. There are 3 very simple rules in order to take part and all book bloggers are welcome to join in. Posts must, of course, be related to books and book blogging.

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Create internal links

Internal links are a great way to keep readers on your blog and reduce bounce rate. They make it easy for visitors to jump from one post to another when on site. They also do wonders for SEO. 

When you publish a new blog post go through older blog posts and see which would be good to connect with your new content. For example, if you do a new blog post about a book written by an author and you've already done a review for another of that authors books in the past link up the posts.

Answer comments

Having an engaged comments section is not easy. Getting readers to comment on posts is something that the majority of bloggers struggle with. When you do get comments it's even more important therefore that you reply to them. 

Look for Backlinks

Backlinks is when other blogs link to yours and they are SEO gold! Search engines like Google take quality backlinks into account as part of their algorithm when ranking content. The more quality backlinks you have the better. 

Having quality backlinks to your site will also increase your overall DA score. 

When you publish a new blog post do a search for other people's blog posts connected to your topic. Contact them to see if they would be willing to include a link to your content in their blog post. 

Check analytics

I love viewing my the stats for my blog. I find it really interesting to see what is working and what isn't. By checking your analytics you get a better feel for the sort of content your readers are looking for and can better understand your audience. 

Things You Should Do AFTER You Publish a New Blog Post

Can you think of others things you should do after you publish a new blog post? What do you do for your own content? Join in the conversation in the comments section below.

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