365 Days of Children's Books Challenge | Jo Linsdell

365 Days of Children's Books Challenge

As you probably know I'm an author and illustrator of children's picture books. For 2013 I've set myself (and anyone else that cares to join me) the challenge of reading a children's book a day, everyday in 2013. 

Why? you may ask. Well I wanted to introduce my children to a variety of new books. They both love books and I figured I could easily hit my target by picking a different book for their bedtime story each day. My second reason is that as an author and illustrator in this genre I think it's a good idea to research and see how others are working. By getting my target market (my sons) to give me their feedback on each book we read together I should gain some important insight into what works and what doesn't.

To make the whole thing a bit more official I've designed this simple badge to go with the challenge.

I'll be posting my reviews of the books read during the previous week every Monday on this blog (e.g. for this weeks books check the blog next Monday).

If you've read one of the books I note or would like to join the challenge and share which books you've read, you can leave a comment on the Monday post with your input. Obviously I'd love it if you posted the badge to your blog with a link back to this site. It would also be great to see some other parents joining in and committing to regular reading with their kids.