Write On Con: Day 1 | Jo Linsdell

Write On Con: Day 1

This week I'm taking part in Write On Con, a free annual online children's writers conference that takes place at http://writeoncon.com. Today is day 1 and there's been some great posts and discussions going on.

Here's a few of my top picks from today's line up:

Jean Reidy in her article "Does your picture book premise have power?" covers 10 questions to ask yourself to test the strength of your picture books. Some good questions to help weigh in your idea and see if it has what it takes to be turned into your next work in progress.

Agent Anita Mumm gives her answer to the question "Should writers worry about trends and marketing?" She advises not to write for trends but to promote effectively when the time comes.

Loretta Nyhan in "We've all got it goin' on...writing realistic characters" she says that everyone you've ever known is in your internal library. She also tells us "don't fear the weirdness inside you".

Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow.