Why It's Good to Google Yourself | Jo Linsdell

Why It's Good to Google Yourself

Earlier this week I was doing a search on myself on Google (something I do from time to time to see what people are posting) and found that I've been featured on the Au Courant Press Journal website several times this year. 

The most recent post is this one about using hashtags:

Screenshot from the website
Sometimes if happens that people find my videos or infographics and post them on their sites without telling me. Other times, like in this case, I sent a guest post to someone who has multiple sites and it fell through the holes. I wasn't aware that she had started this particular website and as she posted on her other site during my virtual book tour for How to be Twittertastic I simply didn't realise she'd done this post too. Turns out this wasn't even the first time she'd posted about me on this site.

After this discovery I'll be checking myself on Google more often! 

If you do post about me on your site, drop me a quick message with the link so I can share it with everyone.  I like to give a public shout out to my supporters ;)

Do you ever Google yourself? If yes, how often? Leave a comment below with your 2 cents.