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Review Showcase: A Birthday Clown for Archer

This week's review showcase is for A Birthday Clown for Archer, which I illustrated for author +Kathy Mashburn.

Here's some of the things people have been saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars
As a professional clown, I often encounter coulrophobia as have every single one of my colleagues over the years. It is often a topic at clown workshops/ conventions and the subject of articles in our trade magazines (the New Calliope and Clowning Around). This is the first book I have seen on the subject, and I believe it will help remove the barriers between clowns and those who are irrationally afraid of them.

As much as some would want to pretend otherwise, Archer knows that clowns are just people. Some are good and some are bad. Use all your senses to determine if one is trustworthy. He wants a clown for his birthday, but his mother is irrationally afraid and cites each piece of the clown's appearance as a reason. Archer swiftly counters with why those things are what he loves about a clown.

This pioneering book is a step in the right direction toward helping the professional clown stay viable in a time when parents often choose a safer but impersonal option for birthdays: Chuck E Cheese, Charlie's Safari, Jumpin' Jack's, etc. That's a benefit to me, but Mashburn's main intention is to help parents and children find a way to work through fear to experience happiness and joy.

If you choose to find a clown for your event, you are effectively inviting a disguised stranger to surprise you. That can make you and your guests feel very alive, and it might not work out if you have members of the party with unaddressed issues of coulrophobia. Let's just say that it could get ugly fast. This book could helpful when deciding whether to hire a clown and when letting guests know a clown will be present.

This is a book I could recommend that clowns bring with them to parties as a way to diffuse the anxiety of those coulrophobics who did not know a clown was coming. At 32 pages and about 300 words, this is the kind of book that could be used to warm up a hesitant audience and could be left as a souvenir to always remind parents and children to be courageous.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Excellent book! June 12, 2013
I had seen previews of the illustrated cover from the author and illustrator's social feed but I was totally unprepared for being struck with awe as I opened the book from the mail. The illustrations are cute, bright, vibrant, eye catching, and entertaining! Will certainly captivate young readers! My two year old really enjoyed turning the pages to see the BIG clown feet on one set of pages, Big rainbow hair, and BIG bow. He even giggled seeing the whole clown revealed in the very end.

The story is just as good as the illustrations! A Birthday Clown for Archer is about clownphobia. Archer's mom is really afraid of clowns. Archer with his 5 yr old curiosity asks her question after question trying to understand and help his mom overcome her fear. Will Archer's mom overcome her fear in time for Archer to have a clown for his birthday? Check out the book to find out!

Do you have a child that shows signs of clownphobia? Try reading this book to them to show them how clowns can be silly instead of scary!

I really enjoyed reading this book, I couldn't stop smiling!

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Jenny
What a delightful book for young children!

Archer wants a clown for his birthday but his mother is afraid of clowns and gives several reasons why she doesn't want him to have a clown. For every reason his mother gives him, Archer has a positive response.

Archer's innocence and ability to see the good in people helps his mother overcome her fear instead of her shifting her fear of clowns to him. A beautifully written message about fear that is appropriate for children of all ages.

The illustrations are beautifully done, eye-catching and add much charm to the story.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Very cute book! July 30, 2013
This book is so cute! It really hits home because I have always had some kind of issue with clowns. My daughters, on the other hand, haven't cared one way or the other . This book has really nice pictures that make clowns seem not that bad. We should over come our own fears for our children. My kids love this book!!

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Kids loved it! June 21, 2013
This was a wonderful book! Both of my kids loved the book! My son loves clowns so he particularly enjoyed it. He thought the clown was awesome. They loved the illustrations too. My daughter kept counting the balloons on the cover.

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