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Featured Friday: Twee’ for Two by Susie E. Caron

Title: Twee’ for Two
Author: Susie E. Caron
ISBN: 978-0-9889113-4-5

Book blurb: In this 3rd picture book from Susie’s “Between You and Me” series, Twee’ realizes she has no friends, except for Rock, who never talks with her. Twee’ can see children playing in the apple orchard, and she wishes for a friend who can play with her. Her wish comes true, but not in the way she anticipates. Join Twee’ as she learns the meaning of real friendship and discovers that new friends can be right around the corner.

Susie with the real life cat
the character in the book is based on
Author bio: Susie E Caron is a Mommy Coach, Blogger, Psychologist-Master, Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author of 3 picture books from her 'Between You and Me' series. Susie created these books following years of experience working with children and families. In Twee', I Am Twee' and Twee' for Two, Susie illustrates childhood feelings and experiences through the eyes of childlike pine tree, called Twee'. When read aloud, Twee' stories help kids to talk with their parents about their own experiences and feelings. Susie also writes blog-articles to help Mommies understand and enjoy their children, and gain their cooperation and have more fun. Her unique gifts include her authentic presence, an ability to connect at the deepest levels of need and want, and wisdom to share. Find out more at http://www.SusieCaron.com Susie lives in VT with her husband, two horses and a bouncy Boxer named Coda.

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Twee’ for Two, the third book in Susie Caron’s Between You and Me Series, is just as delightful as the first two books. Twee’ has grown in this book. She is the same adorable and loveable pine tree, but she is faced with handling changing surroundings, feelings of loneliness, managing new relationships, and dealing with loss. She does so with the help of her new friends, and young readers are left feeling empowered about dealing with similar situations in their own lives because, if Twee’ can do it, they can too! Twee’ for Two, is sure to capture and hold the hearts and minds of children and parents alike. It will spark meaningful and heartfelt conversations between parent and child. Once your children have read a Twee’ book, it will become a part of your nightly bedtime story routine. Twee’ will soon become a welcomed part of your family, like she has ours.
~ Lindsay Brant-Brumwell, M.Ed., Author of Fiddle and Dee and the Bedtime Band (The Adventures of Fiddle and Dee Series)

By marcy on October 19, 2014
Format: Paperback
Wonderful book for kids of all ages. Great story about friendship.

By Kellet Garnett on October 20, 2014
Format: Paperback
A wonderful read for any child. This is the third book in the Twee series and the whole series is wonderful for my 2 year old. The illustrations are great and the story is wonderful.

By Susan Paquette on October 21, 2014
Format: PaperbackI  love twee and so do my little clients. I have this in a special place on my desk and the kids come in and ask for it every time. I can't wait to show them Twee for Two. I know they will love this story of friendship as much as i did.

By Joanne R Fiske on October 21, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I have known Susie Caron for a number of years and when I heard she was writing the Twee books I was very excited because knowing her, I knew she would create great entertainment with a very important lesson for kids of ALL ages. That’s what all good writers do, layers of meanings so as to reach and impact for the better as many people as possible with what they are passionate about; even us 60+ kids! I too fell in love with Twee. I adore his honest personality and willingness to learn and and sure enough the lessons hit home all too well with me too. This past week I had the opportunity to read Twee for Two to my 7 year old grandson. I thought, he’ll be bored, after all it’s not the movie Transformers or an exciting video game. But delightfully, he sat listening intently, engaged in the story and making comments on the pictures. After we finished, he said it reminded him of a first time classmate in school who he liked a lot but who had moved away. He said, I miss her, but I have new friends now...but it was good to have had her as a friend. It was a good reminder for him that he still cared about her but that it was OK. Reading Twee for Two together helped us grow closer just talking about his feelings…Thank you Susie! Your books are keepers and remain on my coffee table for kids of all ages. Keep them coming. They are fun and helped me as a grandma teach and talk about how best to handle the ups and downs of emotions in life with my grandson.
Susie with her dog
Mini Interview:

Why did you write this book? I wanted to offer children and parents a book about what it means to be a friend, and how sometimes that includes saying ‘goodbye’. Children and adults often don’t have a chance to have a good – “Good-Bye” with some of their friends and family members. This is so important and I illustrated that in Twee’ for Two.

Anything in particular you'd like to share about this book or its creation? Yes! Twee’s first talking friend is a cat who appears quite suddenly. His name is Link and he belongs to my daughter, who adopted two kittens from a barn litter. Both kittens grew into large Maine Coon Cats. The female is sweet and a beautiful sable color. Link is dark with a lot of white markings, and he has such a personality, that I couldn’t resist using him as the model for Twee’s friend.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? I enjoy writing children’s books and I plan to write more. Currently, I write parenting articles on my weekly blog- “Between You and Me”. I have sketched out a gift book based on Twee’, a parenting book, and I hope to release a book of my poetry as well, all in the next year.

If part of tour: Where can people find out more about your tour? I’d like to do a virtual book tour over the next few months. To find out more about my tour and how you can help, please go to www.susiecaron.com and click on Tour.

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