Featured Friday: Visionary From The Stars and The Alien Mind

Featured Friday: Visionary From The Stars and The Alien Mind by V.L. Jennings

Featured Friday

Visionary From The Stars and The Alien Mind

Today's Featured Friday is my good friend +V.L. Jennings, who is currently touring two re-releases.

When V.L. Jennings isn't traveling to other worlds through her imagination, she calls Dillon, South Carolina her home. Virginia is the author of two speculative fiction books; "Visionary From The Stars" and "The Alien Mind," both published by PDMI Publishing, LLC in the fall season of 2014. She has also illustrated a children's book for PDMI, titled "Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures," written by Karen and Kathy Sills.

But what motivates Virginia to create, to illustrate, to prognosticate? Virginia is a speculator, the kind of person who always debates the "what if?" of where stories both true and fantastical are leading themselves to, which explains her love of post-apocalyptic fare such as "The Walking Dead." Through her writing, she enjoys trying to figure out what our human potential is, and where our innate desire for a better world could lead us.

Overall, Virginia is just about as real as a person can get. Yes, even authors love to sing along with their favorite local radio station while driving, and Virginia is no exception to this rule. She enjoys watching Doctor Who or Star Trek with her family over dinner, and also watching the latest sci-fi and action movies with her husband. On the weekends, you may even find Virginia and her family at the local comic book store, hunting down more comics to add to their collections.

Virginia loves to connect with new people, as well as hashing out story concepts and other creative ideas on her blog, at www.virginialorijennings.com

Authors Website: www.virginialorijennings.com
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/vljennings

Tour Rafflecopter:

Visionary From The Stars

Author: V.L. Jennings
Publisher: Rara Avis: Imprint of PDMI Publishing LLC
Middle Grade Science Fiction                                                          
E-book pre-orders available at 2.99 on Amazon till December!
Release Date: November 5th  (the day you will get your e-book)  
Paperback release date to be set soon.
Available on Amazon:  https://amzn.to/37PHJ1j        

For millenia, humans thought they were the only life in the galaxy-- until the day an alien species claiming to have humanity's best interests in mind forces its way onto an unsuspecting exploration craft.  In another part of space, the Star Traveler's crew sets out on a camping trip to the surface of the moon. There, they stumble upon an object covered in alien writing revealing the first piece of a galactic map that will lead them into an intergalactic controversy--all while the Platonian race strives to sabotage their every move.

What Critics are calling:
“An excellent job & impressive cast...”~ Pamela Valerio
“A great story for young readers...”~ Author Bruce Goldwell
“Cleverly entertaining!” ~  Author Geri Ahearn

The Alien Mind

Author: V.L. Jennings
Publisher: Rara Avis: Imprint of PDMI Publishing LLC
Middle Grade Science Fiction        

E-book pre-orders are available at 2.99 on Amazon till December!
Release Date: November 17th  (the day you will get your e-book)
Paperback release date to be set soon.
Amazon:   https://amzn.to/3n6xjAL                                                         

Rivi may be human, but she's lived away from Earth for more years than she lived on it—first as a prisoner of the Aruk, and then as an adopted child of the Aunantet, where she learned to use the full potential of her mind in a way she never could have back among humankind. Now the Aruk want to steal her back, along with the rest of the rescued human children. Now the skills her alien family taught her—skills rooted in the potential of her human intelligence—must be taught to the others so that they may be set free. Will Rivi be able to find the secret to preserving her freedom—and that of the other children like her—somewhere between human strength and The Alien Mind? Come on the adventure and see for yourself!

This Sci- Fi story is really a must-read for children... Mamta Madavan, Readers Favorite

“A chilling entertaining adventure!” ~ Geraldine Ahearn, Amazon Top 500 vine Voice Reviewer  http://www.amazon.com/review/R3E5I3MGDIGX4O/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0805990380

“The novel itself was witty, funny, and entertaining to the max...”~ Amy E. Crowe   aecrowe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/this-weeks-book-review-is.html

“Out of this world!” ~ Barbara Ann Mojica

Mini Interview for Jo's Featured Friday:

Why did you write this book?
I wrote both of these books because I love science and science fiction. When I was in middle school it was very hard to find science fiction in my local library. I found my sci-fi fix in television shows like Enterprise, and movies like Star Wars. As I got older and started writing I set out to write books that would help inspire others to reach for the stars and explore their own hidden potentials.

Anything in particular you'd like to share about this book or it's creation?
I am excited to announce, that after 6 years, I finally found a publishing company that I can feel proud to be apart of. Both books have been fully edited, with added illustrations by PDMI Publishing LLC's illustrator Matt Ostrum, as well as fully and spectacularly reformatted! My vision for these books has finally been realized!

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have at least two projects in the works on the writing front. However, I also illustrated Wiggle Worms Shape Adventure, a childrens book by fellow PDMI authors Karen and Kathy Sills. I heard that they are almost done with the sequel and I can't wait to get to work illustrating that one as well!

If part of tour: Where can people find out more about your tour?


  1. Thanks for the feature Jo ;) I appreciate it!

    1. You're very welcome Virginia :) All the best with the relaunch.