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Quick Tips: Amazon Free Reading Apps

Quick Tips is back for another series! Bringing you tips, tricks, and strategies in bite-sized format to help you build your author brand, and market your books.

This weeks "Quick Tip" is to download Amazon's free reading apps so you can read kindle books for free. They offer several options, so whether you prefer to read on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you're covered ;)

Download your app(s) here: http://amzn.to/1Jtg8mD

No need to own a Kindle. You can still read kindle books, even without an actual Kindle, with these free reading apps from Amazon. Not only will you then be able to download Kindle books to read, but you can also send files to your Kindle. e.g. Send a pdf file to your kindle. This can come in handy for reading of copies of books, but also for editing and revising your own works in progress. Reading your work on a different device can help you notice errors that you may not have seen looking at it on your usual computer screen.

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