The Box is FREE from 1st-3rd December | Jo Linsdell

The Box is FREE from 1st-3rd December

The Box is FREE from 1st-3rd December

We are officially in 'lead up to Christmas' time and so I thought I'd give you my bestselling children's picture story book The Box for free. That's right, FREE! 

From 1st through to 3rd December 2016 you can grab a kindle copy of this popular kidlit at

The Box is FREE from 1st-3rd December

With all the boxes you'll probably have around the house over the next month, this book is perfect for your little ones. It's also a nice reminder that you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive gifts over the holidays. Even something as simple as a box can lead to hours of fun ;)

What people are saying about The Box:

The Box is FREE from 1st-3rd December

"I loved this book! The Box by Jo Linsdell has all the makings of a favorite children's book: simple,imaginative and fun." 

"The Box took me right back to my childhood and my children's childhood. Now, I can read it to my grandchildren and tell them how I played with a box and how their Mom or Dad did. Jo Linsdell has written a fun book with illustrations that will touch your heart and take you back in time. It has just the right number of words and sentences to connect to your toddler's imagination and stay within their attentive span. When I get a new book for the grandchildren I often bring something to go with it like seeds and a shovel for a book about a garden. How neat is this. I will only need to find a discarded box! Imagination is a wonderful thing to promote. This really does deserve 5 stars."

"The most expensive toy will never match up with a simple large box. Ms. Linsdell does an awesome job with this fun and simple children's picture book that brought back nostalgic memories for me. A box holds so many possibilities and the imagination is endless! :)The artwork is beautiful, clear and engaging for both a child and the adult reading the story. I really enjoy the clean simplicity. A great book for that special boy who will always remember the fun he had with a simple box! This is a great indoor/rainy day or outdoor fun story! Works all around! :)"

"Because a Box is just a box except when it is not! This book is so darn cute! My almost three year old giggled at every page and tried to name each of the things the boy in the book was making before I read them. The illustrations are colorful and inviting too... I think I need to go get some more boxes for my kids to play with now!I give Jo Linsdell's book The Box 5 stars- this is a book I can see reading again and again to my little one!"

It's already on the bestseller lists for free kindle books on Amazon. Download your copy today and help it reach the number 1 spot.

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The Box is also available in paperback at