A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears? | Jo Linsdell

A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?

A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?

Welcome back for another stop on the A Bookish Summer Blog Hop. Today's topic has been dividing book lovers for years and caused more than a few arguments... bookmarks or dog ears?

I personally can't bring myself to dog ear a book. It gives me chills if I see someone else do it. Unsurprisingly I'm also not a fan of cracked spines or writing notes in books either. I like to take care of them and keep them looking pretty. Sure I'll stuff them full of paper and post-it notes, but never anything that will damage the book.

Here's a little fun fact about me, I collect bookmarks. I have so many of them! Some have been sent to me by authors and publishers along with copies of books to review, some came as part of a swag pack, some I've picked up at events, and some I've purchased. This doesn't mean I won't use an old bus ticket or random piece of paper as a bookmark though if I don't have my collection to hand. 

I've also made a few bookmarks with my kids. We love doing creative craft projects and whenever they make a bookmark they suddenly feel the need to read something so they can use it. #Winning ;) 

Here's what the gang had to say on the topic:

Kelli Quintos

A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?I am 100% not an advocate of supporting the dog ear. That hurts my heart a little bit, that people might crinkle their book on purpose. I usually am caught using straw wrappers, ticket stubs, currently a wedding invitation that I still haven’t RSVP'd to. I can always find something to use as a placeholder. I’ve only recently discovered that bookmarks can be gorgeous and not just trash, so I don’t see how anyone could not be excited and choose bookmarks over dog ears. I’ve bought rainbow gorgeous long bookmarks and cute little harry potter themed magnet ones. They come in all shapes and sizes, so go look around and try a bookmark, for the sake of your poor book.

A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?Leslie Conzatti

Umm, why is this even a discussion? Get yourself a bookmark, if you cannot possibly recall the page number. Dog-ears? Are you some kind of monster? I guess dog ears are better than flattening the spine… But still! Marring the book in any way just speeds up the deterioration, and if you read a book enough that the corner eventually falls off, what then? You’re better off using a bookmark.

Brandy Potter

A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?I’m afraid to answer… don’t hurt me ladies. I am playing. I used what I can to avoid doing a dog ear, but if I can’t find something, I would rather dog ear than flatten the spine. I have books from my great grandmother and she definitely dog-earred. She has “The Life of Thomas More” from the 1700’s and aside from the dog ears’ it is in decent shape.

But I also have books from the other and they are falling apart, because she was a lay-it-face-down-on-the-table-and-break-the-dag-on-thing-er. Which sucks because she was WWII nurse and one of the first people to join the Edgar Casey foundation, so they are great insights into that time, but her books are falling apart and I am desperately trying to preserve them and get them fixed one at a time.

I try so hard to use bookmarks, but I always seem to lose them! So I am guilty of digesting my books!

Now it's your turn, bookmarks or dog ears? I promise we won't kill you if you choose dog ear ;)

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A Bookish Summer Blog Hop: Bookmarks or Dog Ears?

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  1. Haha a contentious issue! I would use anything I can as a bookmark; receipts, tissues etc in place of folding the page!

    1. I'm the same. I even hate it when I buy a second hand book and it has dog ears. It's like "what cruel, heartless owner did you have before me?" LOL

  2. Now now... given the choice between spine or dog ears though...

    1. Now that is a tough call! I guess I'd prefer to keep my spines looking good, but... oh the horror!