2020 Challenges: June, July and August Update | Jo Linsdell

2020 Challenges: June, July and August Update

2020 Challenges: (June, July and) August Update

2020 Challenges: (June, July and) August Update

Firstly, sorry for not posting updates for June and July. This year is tough for a number of reasons and I was struggling with depression. This is something I've faced before numerous times over the years but this year is probably my lowest point yet. Too many things have happened this year and they broke me. 

Not only did I not make any progress with any of the challenges, I also didn't feel up to blogging at all... or much else really. 

I decided to take the summer months to concentrate on rebuilding myself from the inside. It's a long process and an on going one but I am in a much better place now than I was a few months ago. 

I'm very grateful to have such amazing family and friends. Even the smallest of gestures really helped make a difference. On the darkest days it can be so hard to see even a slight ray of hope but it's there. It's easier to acknowledge the negative but there is something positive in every day... sometimes we just need help to be able to find it. 

If you, like me, struggle with depression please know that you are not alone. The journey is long but we can do this!

The Blog Audit Challenge 2020

This is a challenge I created aimed at improving our blogs. You can find full details here in case you missed the introduction post. The goals for June where related to links, July covered quality content, and August was all about content gaps

I will be trying to catch up on these over the next few months. As with most of the challenge tasks, these are all things that can be done as an on going project and so they don't have to be done all together (I'm not sure about you but I don't think I could manage to do any of these in one sitting anyway).

The Audiobook Challenge

This challenge is was created by Eline from Lovely Audiobooks. I'm doing it as a year long challenge. 

I haven't listened to any audiobooks over the past three months. I did however download my first audiobook ever from Net Galley in August so I'm hopefully going to change that soon. 

2020 Challenges: March Progress Report #AudiobookChallenge2020

Audiobooks listened to in June, July and August:
  • 0

The A to Z Reading Challenge

Next up is the A to Z Reading Challenge

I read nothing in June or July but towards the end of August I did manage to read one book (even though it was for a letter I'd already covered).

2020 Challenges: The A to Z Reading Challenge

Books read this month:

H- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Armed with a Bingo

I'm also doing the Armed with a Bingo challenge.

2020 Challenges: August Update Armed With A Bingo

Books read this month:
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling (A bestseller book)

2020 Challenges: (June, July and) August Update #Blogging #Reading