Restaurant Review: Yò Fusion, Rome | Jo Linsdell

Restaurant Review: Yò Fusion, Rome

Restaurant Review Yò Fusion, Rome

Restaurant Review

Yò Fusion, Rome

It was my birthday on 16th September and to celebrate we went to Yò Fusion to try the All You Can Eat lunch. Here in Rome the restaurant only recently opened at Anagnina (there's another restaurant at Marconi). As sushi is one of my favourite foods I couldn't wait to give it a try!

How the restaurant describes itself:

Yo Fusion contains the entire philosophy of its multi-ethnic cuisine in a refined and elegant space. From the love for food in all its nuances comes a complete menu capable of leading you to discover flavors and recipes unique in the world. With All you can Eat or à la carte formula, we are open every day, both for lunch and dinner. In every service we always use quality raw materials, bringing to the table fresh fish downloaded every day, certified and blast chilled to guarantee quality and freshness every day.


Address: Via Tuscolana 1848, 00173 Roma

Tel: 06 9259 7858


All You Can Eat Lunch

19.90€ from Mon to Thurs

20.90€ Fri, Sat, Sun and Holidays

(drinks and desserts excluded).

All You Can Eat Dinner 

27.90€ from Mon to Thurs

29.90€ Fri, Sat, Sun and Holidays

(drinks and desserts excluded)


Drink of your choice + sushi tasting for only €15.00! 
Every day 6.00pm-8.00pm

My review of Yò Fusion, Rome

Restaurant Review Yò Fusion, Rome

Our visit was a last minute decision and so we didn't book a table in advance. We got lucky but the restaurant was almost completely full so it's probably best to reserve a table to make sure you get in.

The restaurant has two floors. The top level (ground level) that has seating both inside and out, and the lower level. We sat in the lower level. 

Along the outside staircase there are sections for sitting outside/smoking areas.

The restaurant just recently opened so it's all still very new, clean, and well presented in general. We didn't have much interaction with the staff as orders are placed at the table using a tablet, but they were very friendly and helpful during the small amount of time we did.

Like I said, we placed our orders ourselves using a touch screen tablet at our table. The menu was easy to use and showed photos of the food as well as the name so we knew exactly what we were ordering. It also listed allergies where necessary.

The service was a little slow but the poor waiters didn't stop for a second while we were there. They were always on the go bringing food to the various tables. 

The menu offered quite a wide selection of food and not just sushi. My son, for example tried the lemon chicken and loved it. The grilled prawns were really good too. Well actually it was all really good. 

I also feel the toilets deserve a mention. They were clean despite the large number of people in the restaurant and the fact that there were only two actual toilets on the lower floor. On one side there was the men's and on the other the women's. In the middle were two sinks. The dark walls and floor and the gold sinks with a tube that came down from the ceiling as the tap was a nice look. 

Overall we had a great experience and will definitely go back in the future. 

Restaurant Review: Yò Fusion, Rome

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