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Book Spotlight: Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus


Book Spotlight Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus

Book Spotlight

Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus

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Today I'm part of a virtual book tour organised by The Write Reads for Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus. The tour for ‘Sorrow’s Forest' will run from 12th - 16th February 2024. 

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Publisher:‎ Independently published

Length: 272 Pages

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Age Category: YA

Date Published: 15 July 2022

About the book

Book synopsis for Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus

Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus
Sorrow’s Forest teems with beasts, some ugly, some beautiful, all unnatural. A ban restricts travel beneath her branches, existing for as long as Lakeview Township has, and most who disobey do not return.

To win a bet, twelve-year-old Mackie King enters the forest, and in its depths, he discovers a boy-like devil. Then he steals him from the trees.

In as little as an hour, the devil names himself Blue and fits seamlessly into the Kings’ life. No one seems to remember he wasn’t always there. Only Mackie knows the truth.

Now, Mackie and Blue are grown, Queen Sorrow has awakened, and she wants her devil back. She’s willing to tear the town apart to reclaim him. Mackie has always been resourceful, but it will take every bit of ingenuity he and Blue possess to thwart Queen Sorrow and her minions, save the town, and free themselves from the shadow of the bittering forest.

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About the author

About the author 

Kaitlin Corvus author of Sorrow’s Forest

Kaitlin Corvus is from Ontario, Canada. The north holds the best part of her. She writes about nobodies, monsters, and gutter glitter, loves the stars, the deep dark sea, and a good horror mystery.

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Book Spotlight Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus

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