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Product Review: Natural & Easy 530 Hair Dye


Product Review Natural & Easy 530 Hair Dye

Product Review

Natural & Easy 530 Hair Dye

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I tried another hair dye. I'm undecided at the moment about what I want to do with my hair next. Part of me likes being blonde but part of me wants to go brown again. There's also a little part of me that wouldn't mind going back to a reddish shade... I'm a mess I know. 

It's not just the colour I can't make up my mind about either. It's taken all my will power to not reach for the scissors. I'm torn about style too. 

Do I go back to a pixie cut? Great for daily low effort styling but my hair grows quickly and so needs constant trimming to keep the cut looking good.

Do I just go a little shorter and opt for a bob or lob? This is definitely low maintenance and the most practical cut in terms of length. Do I want more layers in it though or do I want to grow out the layers I have already?

Do I continue to let it grow and go for a longer style again? I love having long hair but it's a lot of work to keep looking nice as I have masses of hair. It takes forever to dry. 

Then I'm unsure about whether to go back to my natural curls again or keep wearing it straight... 

Any feedback and suggestions about what you think I should do with my hair next is welcome as I feel like I want a change but just can't seem to decide which way to go. Help me please!

Until I make up my mind I've decided to not do anything drastic (unlike me I know. I usually get an idea pop into my head and just do it straight away).

Anyway, this time I was looking to freshen up my light blonde and go a shade darker and blend in my roots a bit better without using bleach.

I decided to try out the Testanera (SchwarzkopfNatural & Easy 530 Hair Dye. I've used other shades from this brand in the past and got good results with some and less good results with others. This particular shade was on offer and looked like it would do the job so I figured I'd give it a try.

Product details

Natural & Easy permanent coloring by Schwarzkopf to obtain a natural color result, luminous reflections and 100% coverage of gray hair even at home. Natural & Easy by Schwarzkopf, with Olive Oil and French Lavender Water, enhances the natural color of the hair, giving it shine. 

Our nourishing coloring cream with French Lavender water and three premixed color shades gives a natural color result, rich in luminous reflections and 100% coverage of gray hair. The Nourishing Conditioner with Mediterranean Olive Oil is composed of 97% ingredients of natural origin (including water) and gives nourishment and softness to the hair for a luminous color. 

Our vegan formulas are free of animal ingredients, ethyl alcohol and silicone-free for a lightweight feel. 


Nourishing permanent color Natural color result Bright reflections 100% gray hair coverage 93% ingredients of natural origin (including water) Vegan formula (free of ingredients of animal origin) 100% recycled aluminum tube 

Package contents 

1 Tube of Coloring Cream 60 ml, 1 Applicator Bottle of Revealing Emulsion 60 ml, 1 Sachet of Nourishing Conditioner 22.5 ml, 1 Pair of Gloves, 1 Instruction Sheet

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I've got to be honest with you, it really didn't make that much difference. I thought the overall blonde was going to be a little darker but it didn't seem to change at all.

That said, it did blend in the roots a bit better. It also covered the few small slightly yellowish parts I had near the roots from when I bleached my roots the last time and they didn't lift quite enough and helped to blend them in better with the rest of the blonde.

Product Review: Natural & Easy 530 Hair Dye

It did leave my hair feeling softer though so that's a plus point. 

I was going for a subtle change and it definitely is subtle... a little too subtle. 

When it comes to Natural & Easy hair dyes I've without doubt had better success when using their darker shades than I have with their blonde selection. 

What blonde hair dye have you had most success with? Do you find that some brands work great on your hair in some colours but not in others? 

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Product Review Natural & Easy 530 Hair Dye

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