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April 2024 Wrap Up


April 2024 Wrap Up


April 2024 Wrap Up 

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Welcome to my April 2024 wrap up! 

I'm ill again which is why this update is a little later this month. 

Here's a break down of what I got up to this month: 


I dyed my hair again. As I really liked the Schwarzkopf Brillance 862 Hair Dye, I decided to try another shade in the same range. This time I went for chocolate brown. I'll post a full review for you soon with my feedback.

Chocolate Brown Hair Dye - Jo Linsdell

This is the result:

Schwarzkopf Brillance 884 Hair Dye - Jo Linsdell


In general I've been doing better recently but I've fallen ill a few times over the past few weeks.

Here in Rome the weather has been a bit annoying recently. We've been getting all four seasons in the same day. Hot and sunny, windy and rainy, and then hail to top it off... all in less than 24 hours. 

It's impossible to know how to dress in the morning. Layers is definitely the best option, but even then it's a battle of hot and cold on and off all day long. 

This ever changing weather is the main reason why everyone seems to be ill at the moment, myself included.

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April was my slowest month so far this year and saw a drop in statistics in general. I had a lot going on and just didn't have as much time to dedicate to the blog. My lowest number of blog posts for a month so far this year, and limited promotion of them. 

I'm hoping to do better in May but as I'm starting the month being ill I'll need to play catch up.

One of the things I've noticed most this year is the impact of Pinterest. The months where I dedicated more time to creating multiple pins for my blog posts I set new records in traffic to my site. 

In April I did very limited pinning and it shows. I'll definitely be improving my Pinterest strategy in the future as it has the highest ROI out of all the channels I share my content to. 

Traffic for April: 42,149 page-views

Number of blog posts published in April: 18 

Current DA score: 31

Reading challenges

I'm really pleased with my reading progress in April, not because I read a huge amount (although it was a major improvement on last month and got me out of the slump), but because I discovered a series I love. 

Two of the books I read in April are from the Bow Street Duchess Mystery series and I'm happy to have discovered that there are currently seven books in the series. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of them. Cara Devlin you have a new fan!

The Clock Reading Challenge

I created the Clock Reading Challenge a few years ago as I thought it would be fun and not too difficult to complete. 

If you need some help finding books for the challenge check out Books with Numbers 1-12 in the Title: Clock Reading Challenge.

I completed the Clock Reading Challenge 2023 in November

You can now join in the Clock Reading Challenge 2024

I'm also happy to report that I caught up from last month and read two books for the clock reading challenge in April putting me back on track. 

The Clock Reading Challenge April 2024 Update

Books read:

4- Four Steps to the Perfect Revenge by Lilian Monroe - My Review - Amazon - Goodreads

7- Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin - My Review Amazon - Goodreads

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge

Both books I read for the clock reading challenge were from my Net Galley TBR.

The Net Galley TBR Reading Challenge April 2024

Books read:

Four Steps to the Perfect Revenge by Lilian Monroe - My Review - Amazon - Goodreads

Murder at the Seven Dials by Cara Devlin - My Review Amazon - Goodreads

Other books read:

The Getaway by Marnie Vinge - My Review  - Amazon - Goodreads

Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin - My Review  - Amazon - Goodreads

Currently reading:

Red Runs the Witch's Thread by Victoria Williamson - currently on page 13/170 - Amazon - Goodreads

When the Clock Chimes Two by Adriana Licio - currently at 52% - Amazon - Goodreads


Due to the weather I didn't go out and about much in April. We did go to a Street Food event which was fun. Events like this happen a lot in Rome. The one we went to was at Colli Albani. Prices were a little high but they did have a wide variety of food available and there was a nice atmosphere. 

We made the most of one of the sunny, warm days and had a picnic in a park with friends which was nice. Felt like summer. I have a feeling we'll be doing this more often in the coming months. A good excuse to explore the many parks Rome has to offer.


I didn't do a 30 day fitness challenge in April but I did continue exercising. I mainly just did squats and dead bugs. It's definitely easier to stay motivated and exercise regularly when I have a challenge to keep me on track. I'll be aiming to do more set challenges in May. 

April 2024 Wrap Up

How did you do with your April Challenges? What challenges are you doing this year? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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