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Book Review: Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin


Book Review Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin


My thoughts about Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin

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About the Book

The book synopsis for Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin

Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin book cover

Bow Street Duchess Mystery Series Book 2

After a murder scandal nearly sent her husband to the gallows, Audrey, the Duchess of Fournier, has retreated to the countryside to distance herself from gossip—and from the Bow Street officer who proved as irritating as he was intriguing.

But when Audrey’s friend Charlotte, the Countess of Bainbury, dies mysteriously on Fournier Downs parkland, she summons the only person she trusts to uncover the truth: Principal Officer Hugh Marsden.

Trying to ignore the mounting friction between them, as well as Hugh’s command for her to stay out of his investigation, Audrey uses her uncanny ability to read the memories of objects to discover a web of sordid local secrets. More than one unlucky lady has been caught within its deadly strands, and a single misstep in their hunt for a killer could make Audrey and Hugh the next targets.


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Book Review Death at Fournier Downs by Cara Devlin

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  1. I'm almost allergic to this time period, but I'm inclined to reconsider that (or at least take an antihistamine) given this review #BloggersWeekendLinkUp

    1. Thanks 😊 I'm a bit obsessed with this series now. It has a bit of everything. Let me know if you do give it a try.