Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party 11/12 May 2024 | Jo Linsdell

Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party 11/12 May 2024


Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party 2021 April 2024


Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party

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Welcome to another Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party! 

For those of you that missed the launch, I decided to create a weekly link up party of my own and you're all invited to take part! 

The aim is to help each other grow our traffic, increase engagement on our blog posts, and hopefully reach some new readers and discover some new blogs at the same time. 

Don't forget to add your votes to this years Book Blogging in 2024 Survey polls. The more votes, the better insight the results give into the current average stats for the industry.

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I'm also in talks with some other bloggers who are thinking about creating their own link up parties on their blogs too so as soon as I have more information on that I'll let you know. Our aim is to have a different link up party for each day of the week. 


  • Keyword-rich comments contribute to a page’s content and can therefore help with rankings. 
  • Posting thoughtful comments on blog posts can get you noticed by a new audience and drive traffic to your own blog. 
  • Link up parties are also a great way to connect with other bloggers and discover new blogs. 

Join the Link Up Party! 

The Rules

  1. Share this blog post on social media to help spread the word about the linky #BloggersWeekendLinkUp.
  2. Add one of your blog posts from the past week to the comments section of this post. 
  3. Comment on the hosts featured post and at least one other post of your choosing (although you are encouraged to comment on as many as possible). Use #BloggersWeekendLinkUp in your comments so they know you discovered their post from this link up party. 
  4. Try to visit as many of the participating blogs as possible. The goal is to connect with other bloggers, increase traffic to our blogs, and improve engagement on our posts. 

My featured post for this week:

I've created this badge for the Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party in case you want to add it to the sidebar on your blog:

Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party Badge

If you host or participate in other link up parties for bloggers in the books, blogging, travel, fitness, fashion and beauty categories please let me know where to find them. 

Bloggers Weekend Link Up Party 2021 April 2024