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June Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers


June Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers


June Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

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Continuing the series blog post ideas for book bloggers, here's some blog post ideas for your book blog to use in June.

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Blog Post Ideas for your Book Blog for June

  1. National Say Something Nice Day
  2. Net Galley TBR Update/ Reading Challenges Update
  3. Love Conquers All Day: List your favourite romance reads
  4. Shopping Cart Day: What books do you want in your cart/recent book haul
  5. World Environment Day: Books that highlight the enviroment
  6. D-Day: Books set in/about the World War
  7. Book reviews
  8. Best Friends Day: A fictional character you'd want to be friends with/great fictional friendships
  9. Latest book haul
  10. Interview an author
  11. Interview a book blogger
  12. World Day Against Child Labour: Books featuring child labour
  13. Currently reading
  14. A tour of your bookshelves
  15. Talk about your favourite genre
  16. Father's Day: Great fictional dads
  17. Talk about your goals for your blog and how well you're doing at reaching them so far this year
  18. Wear Blue Day: Books about men's health/ Books with blue on the cover
  19. Favourite last lines from books
  20. World Refugee Day: Books that highlight the courage/strength of refugees
  21. World Day of Music: Books with a musical theme
  22. National Kissing Day: Best fictional kiss
  23. National Pink Day: Books with pink on the cover
  24. International Fairy Day: Favourite fairy tales/ Books with fairies
  25. Highlight books that have sat neglected on your TBR list for too long
  26. Forgiveness Day: Books about forgiveness
  27. If you liked __________ read this
  28. Books on your TBR that you can't wait to read
  29. Monthly Wrap Up
  30. World Social Media Day: How you use social media as a book blogger/ Favourite book bloggers to follow on social media

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June Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

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