Blog Audit Challenge: Keywords and SEO

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Blog Audit Challenge: Keywords and SEO #Blogging #BookBloggers

This week's topic: Keywords and SEO

Our blog audit this week takes us to keywords and SEO. This is super important as it plays a huge role in driving traffic to your blog. 

When writing blog posts you want your writing to be natural but you also want to make sure you include keywords to help your content be found in searches. Every ask yourself why other book bloggers are getting so much traffic to their blogs? It's probably largely as a result of using good keywords in their content. They make sure their book blog is front and centre in Google results by optimising their posts for SEO, both in the headlines they use, and the content they post.

I definitely need to work more on improving my use of keywords in my headlines. It's something I'm going to be looking into during this blog audit. One way of doing this is to include sub-headings. I'm going to be putting this to the test by updating some of my older posts to include keyword rich sub-headings. I also plan to review the labels and tags for some of my posts to make sure I'm using keywords there too.

Now on to the actual blog posts...

Long posts:

Google is looking for the best answer to someone's search question. That means that long posts tend to do well as they will be filled with valuable content... or at least the one's that work are. As a busy blogger (and if you're like me busy everything else too) you probably don't have loads of time to spend creating super long blog posts. One way around that problem is to do round up posts.

Of course, you don't want to post just round up posts to your blog [boring!]. Don't panic, there are other ways to boost your blog posts and make sure they rank well for keywords and SEO. 

Blog Comments:

Are people commenting on your posts? If yes, that's great! You can create long form content by boosting your comments. If not, that's something you need to work on. I'll do a separate post to look at commenting in more detail soon. 

Make sure you reply to ALL comments left on your blog posts, and try to include more than one sentence when you do. Your comments section is additional content for your post. Incorporate your keywords in your comments. Some of your readers might include them in their comments too [#winning!]. This can go a long way to improve your ranking with search engines like Google.

This week's task: 

- Make sure new posts you create are optimised with keywords in the headlines, and blog post. 
- Check older posts to make sure they include keywords in the content of the post, and check the labels/tags for the post. Edit where needed.
- Work on your comments section. Make sure you reply to every comment left on your blog, and try to write longer comments that include your keywords.

This is obviously an on-going task and will take a while to work on. A little bit at a time can make a huge difference to your blog in the long term though. 

Missed a post? Here's a round up of what we've covered so far:


  1. Thank you for this wealth of information.

    1. My pleasure. I'm glad you found it useful :)

      I'm hoping this blog audit challenge will help other book bloggers (and non) to improve their blogs. I know I'm finding it motivating to work on my own blogs (both this one and my others).

  2. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Really useful information.

    1. My pleasure. Glad you found the information useful. There's a lot that can be done to improve a blogs SEO and working on keywords is just one of them.

  3. I took a course on SEO and it was the best thing that ever happened to my book blog. My top referrer is now Google! Great post!

    1. That's great! Which SEO course did you take? Curious minds want to know ;)


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